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The Ultimate Tech Stack for Amazon Sellers

Written by Guest Blogger, Denym Bird with A2X

As an Amazon seller, you probably have a million things on your to-do list; you wouldn’t be able to finish up your long list of tasks even if you worked 12 hour days and 7 day work weeks. Bearing this in mind, you’ll want to use all the technology that’s available in order to streamline your operations, and make your life easier.

We’ve done the dirty work, and curated the best tech stack for Amazon Sellers that you can use to optimize your workflow. This Amazon FBA tech stack consists of the best software for Amazon sellers, including tools to help you with research, inventory management, and accounting. You’re already working hard; it’s now time to work smart!  


The Ultimate Tech Stack for Amazon Sellers: Research tools

Getting burned out because you stay up till 2am researching what products to sell on Amazon? With the research tools in our Amazon FBA tech stack, this will be a thing of the past!

1. Camelcamelcamel

Camelcamelcamel is one of the best software for Amazon sellers there is. This tool allows you to access the price history of any Amazon product — all you have to do is enter the URL in the search bar, and it’ll do the rest. For sellers who want to watch multiple products, add these to your Amazon wishlist, then use Camelcamelcamel’s Wishlist Synchronization feature to automatically create price watches for all the products on your list.

If you want to get an overview of the price fluctuations across Amazon’s entire platform, use Camelcamelcamel’s Top Price Drops feature. Camelcamelcamel also offers browser add-ons for and Firefox; these allow you to view price history charts directly from retailer product pages, without having to navigate back to Camelcamelcamel’s tool.

Price: Free.

2. Keepa

Next up in our Amazon FBA tech stack is Keepa, which is a price tracker tool that offers browser extension tools for Amazon sellers. Like Camelcamelcamel, Keepa allows you to access price history charts for 600 million+ Amazon products. If you pay for a premium account, you also have the option of setting up price watches and availability alerts, and you’ll be able to view the bestselling products and merchants by category.

Price: Free for a basic account, 15€/month for a premium account ($17.18 in US Dollars).

Link to website:

3. Jungle Scout

Last but not least, there’s Jungle Scout, which is an Amazon product finder and research tool that has been featured prominently on publications such as Huffpost, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and The Wall Street Journal. The tool features a web app which allows sellers to comb through thousands of products and filter out the ones which are the most profitable. On top of that, there’s also a extension, which sellers can use to get instant sales estimates and find a product’s Opportunity Score.

Price: Jungle Scout’s two tools — their web app and extension — are priced separately. The web app is priced from $25 to $50 per month, while the extension will set you back by $97 or $197 (once-off fee).


The Ultimate Tech Stack for Amazon Sellers: Inventory Management Tools

To all Amazon sellers, proper inventory management is crucial. You don’t want to have too much inventory sitting on your hands (because your warehousing costs will skyrocket!), but you don’t want to risk a stock-out, either.

1. RestockPro

RestockPro is a cloud-based inventory management system that caters specifically to Amazon sellers. The tool analyzes your FBA data and transforms it into inventory intelligence; this allows you to keep an eye on your sales velocity and expected margins, among other things. You can also use RestockPro to get recommendations on when and how much to reorder, and drive process automation such as creating POs for suppliers.

Price: Prices range from $99.99/month to $599.99/month. RestockPro offers a free trial.

2. Sellbrite

Sellbrite is a multi-channel selling software that’s perfect for sellers who are on several platforms — not just Amazon. Using Sellbrite, you can easily sync your inventory across channels such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, BigCommerce and more. Want to run a promotion or sale? You can use Sellbrite’s price syncing and listing template features to change prices automatically across all your listings on every channel.

Price: Prices range from $41/month (billed annually) onwards. Sellbrite offers a 14 day free trial.

Link to website:


The Ultimate Tech Stack for Amazon Sellers: Accounting Tools

As an entrepreneur, you should be spending your time on fine-tuning your business strategy, not accounting and istrative tasks. Use these accounting tools in our Amazon FBA tech stack to help you out!

1. Xero

Xero is an easy-to-use accounting software that allows you to track your cash flow in a single dashboard. You can monitor your sales and spending, track your transactions and sales, and keep an eye on the balances in your bank accounts, credit card accounts and PayPal accounts — all in one place.

Price: Prices range from $20 to $40/month. Xero offers a 30 day free trial.

Link to website:

2. Quickbooks

Like Xero, Quickbooks helps you track your sales and spending, as well as your revenue and sales. You can easily download transactions from your bank, credit cards, and PayPal account to your dashboard, and sort these into tax categories to maximize deductions. For those who are working with a large team, you can also use Quickbooks to connect payroll and timesheets to pay both your full-time employees and contractors.

Price: Prices range from $20 to $60/month; with a 50% off promotion ongoing at the time of publication. Quickbooks offers a 30 day free trial.


Bonus: Bookkeeping services

While they don’t really fall in the category of tools for Amazon sellers, bookkeeping services are also a crucial to any Amazon business. Here are two such services that come highly recommended by Amazon sellers!

1. MuseMinded

MuseMinded is an accounting business that deals specifically with Amazon sellers. The company takes care of bookkeeping, income tax filing, and can even help you pinpoint the bottlenecks that are stopping you from increasing your profitability. MuseMinded has processed an impressive $250 million worth of Amazon transactions since 2014.

Price: Prices range from $199 to $599/month.

2. Catching Clouds

Catching Clouds provides an end-to-end accounting service for eCommerce businesses, including Amazon sellers. On top of sales tax registration and filing and daily bookkeeping, they can also help you with setting up your integrated cloud accounting and inventory system, and they provide eCommerce consulting services as well. One caveat, though — they only work with sellers generating sales revenue of $50,000 or more per month.

Price: Prices aren’t available online, but you can contact Catching Clouds for a quote.

How to connect your accounting tools to your Amazon FBA merchant account

If you’re having trouble connecting your accounting tool to your Amazon FBA merchant account, that’s what A2X is for. A2X helps bridge the connection between your Amazon FBA account and your Xero or Quickbooks account, allowing your sales, expenses and taxes to be accounted for down to the penny each and every month.

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