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TikTok: What Is It and Why Amazon Sellers Should Care

If you haven’t heard the phrase ‘Tiktok made me buy it’ then let me explain exactly what that means.

What is TikTok and Why Should Amazon Sellers Care?

Tiktok is a social media platform that is video based. It allows users to post videos while adding music, filters, effects and so much more. If you’ve heard of Tiktok you may be thinking “Isn’t that a platform for young people and kids?” You’re not wrong, but there are adults on the platform as well.

TikTok covers so many different topics including: cooking tutorials, dance challenges, comedy, product reviews, life hacks and more. But one thing that is always trending is Amazon finds. When one person does something and posts a video about it on Tiktok, people view it and do the same thing and then it becomes a trend.

For example, users have been filming videos around their homes showing some of their favorite products they’ve purchased off of Amazon. Not only does this engage the viewer to head over to Amazon to find the product, but it also makes viewers do the same thing with some of their favorite products they’ve bought from Amazon.

Check out some examples below and look at how many views and likes each post has!

When you search for the word Amazon look at the keywords that are popular on the platform.

This indicates that people on the platform are always searching for Amazon products. If you’re thinking about using Tiktok, there are two ways you can go about it.


You can use the platform to reach out to users to review your products or ask them to include your product in their ‘Amazon finds’ video. Majority of these Tiktok users use instagram as well. So when you are on TikTok looking for influencers, you can click the Instagram icon in their bio to view their page to help with defining their authenticity.

Make a Brand Account

Another way you could use TikTok is by making your own account and showing how your products work. People love to watch product videos on TikTok. Since Amazon is a trending term for the platform, there is a great chance of your product video receiving traffic very fast. Make sure to include your packaging, how to search for it and how it works in the video. Before posting there a couple things you should know. When it comes to posting on TikTok, there are two ways viewers can find videos. On their ‘Following’ tab and their ‘For You’ tab. The ‘Following’ tab is where users will see videos from the people they follow. The ‘For You’ tab is where viewers can view everyone’s video with the hashtag #fyp #foryoupage #foryp. Below is an example of what the tabs look like and where the hashtags will be.

These hashtags are used because this is how TikTok puts videos out to billions of people. It hasn’t been determined what the perfect time to post on TikTok is yet because the ‘For You’ page will show you videos that were posted this morning, last night and even 3 weeks ago. It just depends on the quality of the video.

Another way to get your video in front of the right people is to use trending sounds, other hashtags and ‘jokes’. For example, if you sell art supplies on Amaz

on you could use them to create a ‘chair’ and use the hashtag #lonelychair. It sounds a bit weird and crazy, but these hashtags allow you to have fun with your brand and help more people find your videos! Download the app and search the hashtag to see it for yourself!

The same goes for sounds. Sounds are a great way for you to go viral on Tiktok as well. Even if you don’t use the sound to do the actual trend, just by using it will get your video on the ‘For You’ tab. To find trending sounds, all you have to do is either click on the music icon at the bottom of the video, or when you are making a video you can click ‘sounds’ at the top and look under the trending tab.

TikTok has a limit on how many characters you can use in the video caption, so you need to plan accordingly. Keep your caption short and simple so you can add hashtags too. Unlike Instagram, you can add the link to the product in the comments and viewers can copy the link and navigate to the product listing on Amazon. 

And lastly, one of my favorite features on Tiktok is that you can upload your own videos and the videos can range from 15 to 60 seconds long. This gives you the option to record content at a higher quality while also having the option to let your editing stand out from every other user. 

TikTok is an awesome platform for Amazon Sellers because Amazon products are already trending on the app! So if you’ve seen a random increase in sales and wondering where it’s coming from, chances are someone probably included your product in their post on TikTok!

Happy TikToking!


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