Easy Keyword Discovery.

Drag-and-Drop Campaign Management.

PPC Campaign Automation.

Streamlined Campaign Automation & Optimization
For A Boosted Bottomline

With Sellozo’s Campaign Studio feature, you can plan, map, and optimize your next promotional strategy with visually-driven tools designed especially for Amazon sellers.

No matter your campaign needs—from keyword selection to campaign mapping, and more—Campaign Studio’s simple but powerful features will and help you create promotions that drive sales.

Campaign Studio

Visual Modeling

Sellozo's unique Campaign Studio Visual Editor enables you to easily setup keyword discovery automation.

Custom and pre-made templates

Create custom re-usable templates or use one of our pre-made templates to get started in seconds.

automated keyword discovery

Easily create sophisticated keyword discovery and movement automation.

easy keyword management across campaigns

Automate the movement of keywords from campaign to campaign.

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