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The Recap: News for Amazon Sellers | Edition 19

Prime Day! Prime Day! Tips, news, + more in The Recap: Amazon News for Sellers!

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 | EDITION 019


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Hey Sellers!

So, Prime Day? It's time we had a serious talk about it. Now that Prime availability levels are back to pre-COVID19 levels, coupled with Amazon blacking out vacation for warehouse workers from October 13-20 and limiting Lightning Deals for Sellers, it looks like we have an (un)official start date. Amazon still has not officially announced it, many signs point to Tuesday, October 13th, 2020. Just over two weeks away! Eeeek!

So, what can consumers expect on Prime Day this year? Well, for starters, it's always been in July in the middle of a quieter retail period. It's never been in October before, and right before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, history tells us there will be deals upon deals by FBA sellers and Amazon itself. Amazon's just released a pile of new products, which are always including in the mix of Prime Day deals. 


Two of our Amazon experts, Dustin and Kris, sat down earlier this week on Facebook Live to look at the potential for this Prime Day for Sellers and chat about tips and optimizations Sellers can take for Prime Day: 

  • Prep for Prime Day

  • New marketing ideas to drive traffic to your listings

  • How to gain organic rank now to rank better on Prime Day

  • Budget strategies for Prime Day

  • Pricing strategies

  • Coupon tips

  • How Amazon's new review "request review" system can help you on Prime Day

  • How to optimize your listings now

  • New Lightning Deal opportunities

  • and a lot more!



Tatiana James takes a look at Amazon pay-per-click advertising with Sellozo! She explains how to reach more shoppers and boost revenue with Amazon advertising and the benefit of trusting professionals, like Sellozo. Check it out.  




Amazon has introduced a shortcut for sellers eager to join Brand Registry but who do not yet have a trademark for their brand. The Amazon IP Accelerator helps businesses more quickly obtain intellectual property (IP) rights and brand protection in Amazon’s stores.


This week we learn more about last week's Amazon bribery scheme, that led to six people being charged. Bloomberg takes a deeper look at the details from the indictment, which reads like a crime novel. 


The Verge takes a look at Amazon's newly announced devices and has all the links and release date details so you can pre-order your new, future favorites.


On Thursday Amazon unveiled a camera-mounted drone - the Always Home drone - that can launch itself from its base and automatically patrol your house if it's alerted to a disturbance by a paired Ring alarm. 


Electronics retail giant Best Buy's health unit launched a new flip phone - the LivelyFlip - that can integrate with Amazon Alexa also features telehealth abilities so seniors can connect to on-demand health providers.


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