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Sellozo Release Notes: December 2022


With this release, we are launching customization capabilities on the PPC Manager table, a new and enhanced UI for the dayparting window, some quality of life features like launching brand new filters that help users refine their search results in the app. Also, we fixed a few bugs related to error handling and now the app will display detailed error messages on various components when users hit the snag. These error messages will detail what the error is and how to resolve it if users add invalid input. This release also includes a few performance improvements to help users manage large accounts, UI improvements, reporting, and dashboard enhancements across the board.

For the past couple of months, we have been working on quite a few big capabilities/features like the Walmart advertising tool, Brand metrics reporting, automated dayparting, placement bids v2.0, etc. that are currently in progress and are planned for release in upcoming months. Stay tuned for those!

New Features

1. Launching customization feature on the PPC Manager

Users will now be able to customize the order of the columns across all tabs in the PPC Manager. In addition to toggling each column ‘Show/Hide’, you will be able to drag and drop the available columns on the options menu in any specific order. These settings will stay in place even after logging in and out. If you wish to go back to the default settings, you can reset to the default settings from the ‘Options’ tab.

Reorder table columns by using drag and drop on the PPC Manager

2. In-line edits on the statuses across all tabs on the PPC Manager

Users will now be able to make inline edits on the Campaigns, Ad groups, Product ads, and Targeting statuses. You no longer need to open the ‘Edit’ window to change the statuses across all tabs on the PPC Manager.

In-line edits on the status in the PPC Manager

NOTE: Now users have the capability to make changes to the ‘Optimizer’, ‘Budget’ and ‘Status’ fields on the Campaigns tab. In the Ad groups, Product ads, and Targeting tabs users can change their statuses from the table without opening the ‘Edit’ window.

3. Introducing a new and enhanced UI for Dayparting window

We made some tweaks on the dayparting window for better user experience. Now, users don’t need to flip the window to get to the hourly heatmap. This new view has consolidated details on a single window with some small yet impactful enhancements to the UI.

New UI design for Dayparting

NOTE: We also added the option to select the color for the hourly sales map. Use the 'Color Selector' (highlighted in the screenshot above) to select your preferred color.

4. Parent ASIN filter on the Campaign launch flow

Users will now be able to filter the products by Parent ASIN or list of Parent ASINs during the campaign launch flow. This new filter will save the time of doing the redundant work of filtering the ASINs within a parent ASIN manually one by one while searching/selecting for the product during the campaign launch.

Parent ASIN filter on the Product selection page during the campaign launch

Additional small enhancements and bug fixes:

  1. Added informational blurb on the ‘Get Default Rules’ on the Transfer rule window in Campaign Studio: “This will look for ad groups within the selected campaigns that have the same products, and if they do, will generate the default transfer rule (when search term converts 1 time → create exact match keywords). It will also set the source and destination ad group on the transfer rule accordingly. Users can edit the number of conversions or match type manually if desired.”

  2. We added detailed error messaging on the ‘Edit targeting’ window on the Targeting tab that will let users know that there are some errors in the list and why the system isn’t letting them save their changes.

  3. We also added an error message on the error sign on the 'Manage Targeting → Edit Targeting' box that will help users know the issues and fix them accordingly before applying those changes.

  4. Made some UI tweaks on the Smart tags window for bulk changes.

  5. Fixed the Best seller ranking/Category ranking data on the Dashboard and the charts are now up to date.

  6. Users can now select up to 100 campaigns for the ‘Filter Selected’ on the Campaign tab in PPC Manager.

Upcoming Features

The following are few of the new features that will be released in our forthcoming releases;

  1. Brand Metrics reporting (Marketplace Insights): This is a new page for ‘Marketplace Insights’ that will allow users to benchmark their KPIs against category medians and top performers.

  2. Placement Bids v 2.0: New Placement optimizer version that optimizes the placement bid multipliers to lower overall ACoS and maximize Top of Search placements.

  3. Walmart Advertising: Walmart Ad Beta will be available for our existing advertisers very soon. We’ve built a brand new tool for Walmart advertising that will let our advertisers launch their campaigns and our optimizer will help you drive sales, increase profitability, and lower your ACoS. Data-driven AI automatically optimizes your Walmart PPC ads to drive growth. Set your ACoS goals for each campaign, and Sellozo will optimize your ads to hit those goals.

  4. Automated Dayparting: We will be automating dayparting for campaigns based on budget utilization and the ACoS and will update campaigns’ dayparting schedule automatically based on intra-day advertising stats.


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