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Sellozo Release Notes August 2023

The most recent update of Sellozo introduces a range of new features that

aim to enhance the user experience. Noteworthy additions are a brand new

optimizer for Sellozo Autopilot, introducing some new filters within the app, a brand new UI

facilitating the streamlined creation of keywords in bulk during campaign launch flow, and

much more.

Additionally, We have worked on building background services for Sponsored Brand in order

to support the launch of Sponsored Brand campaigns within Sellozo. This strategic

development lays the groundwork for enabling the seamless initiation of Sponsored Brand

campaigns within the Sellozo platform.

New Features

1. Introducing a new Optimizer for the AutoPilot campaigns

We’ve built a new optimizer that will only run on the AutoPilot campaigns so that we have a completely different system for our regular and Autopilot campaigns. It’s been configured in a manner that restricts its operation to AutoPilot exclusively. Leveraging historical ASIN-related data, the optimizer will calculate bid adjustments. The campaigns including ASINs will contribute to the identified targeting and factor into the bid calculations.

2. Launching a new UI to create keywords in bulk during the campaign launch flow

We are excited to present a new user interface that empowers users to efficiently adjust Match types and Bids values in bulk for the keywords they are using to launch campaigns. This streamlined feature enables users to make bulk adjustments to both keyword Match types and bids simultaneously. In the existing system, users need to enter keywords in bulk and then individually assign match types and bids through the UI. However, with this latest enhancement, all bulk-entered keywords will seamlessly transition to the new screen, facilitating the streamlined management of match types and bids through the PUSH down feature.

This enhancement offers users the flexibility to switch between various views for keyword entry and for executing bulk modifications to match types and bids. The new interface not only expedites the process but also provides users with more control over their keyword strategies.

Existing UI to add keywords in BULK

Toggle to new UI to add Match types and Bids to the keywords in BULK

3. Added ‘Bidding Strategy’ metrics on the PPC columns and also created a corresponding filter to the Campaigns tab in PPC Manager

Users will now have an option to select ‘Bidding Strategy' metrics on the PPC columns if they want to see what bidding strategy has been assigned to the campaigns. While this feature won't be visible by default in the PPC table, users can easily activate it by toggling the 'Show' option on the 'Options' tab, enabling the inclusion of this data in the table.

In addition, we have created a filter for this particular metric, enabling users to filter their campaign based on the bidding strategies. This enhancement facilitates more precise campaign analysis and strategy adjustments.

‘Bidding Strategy’ option on the PPC Table

New filter to search the campaigns by their bidding strategy

4. Introducing a new option in the Client Scripts to create Script rules for Sellozo Optimized campaigns

Users will now be able to create the Script rules in the Client Scripts just for Sellozo optimized campaigns. We have added a new option ‘isSellozo Optimized’ in the Campaigns field that users can select to create the script rules for all the Sellozo Optimized campaigns. With this option, it will be easier for users to target Sellozo optimized campaigns.

‘isSellozo Optimized’ Campaigns option on the Client Scripts

5. Enhancements to AutoPilot Hop tours in order to elevate users’ comprehension on AutoPilot

These enhancements focus on refining the user experience and ensuring that users can navigate and interact with the system more intuitively. By providing more informative and guided tours, these updates aim to empower users to better understand and utilize the features and functionalities available within the system. We broke down each and every step of the AutoPilots, serving as a valuable resource for users to maximize their utilization of Sellozo AutoPilot's capabilities.

Upcoming Features:

  1. SB/SD Campaign Launch in Sellozo: We are thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display campaign launch flow in Sellozo. This new feature will enable users to launch these campaigns directly from Sellozo, providing greater convenience and efficiency.

  2. Amazon Budget Rules (Phase II): In our second phase of Amazon budget rules, we will be implementing Budget rules recommendations so that users gain the ability to create event-based budget rules for Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Product campaigns (SD campaigns are not part of event based budget rules). They will be able to leverage budget rules recommendations for different events. Also, we will be implementing Edit functionalities across various fields of the budget rules that will offer users greater control and adaptability in managing budget rules.

  3. Sellozo AutoPilot: In our upcoming release, we will be launching some new enhancements that aim to provide users with increased flexibility in launching and managing product groups. These enhancements are designed to improve the overall experience and functionality of the AutoPilot.


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