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Making a Difference: Amazon's FBA Donations Program

Amazon recently highlighted their FBA Donations program which offers sellers a seamless way to contribute to those in need while streaming their inventory management process. If you are a seller who used the program over 2023 or if you may be interested in utilizing it, read on for important information regarding the program. 

What is the FBA Donations program?

The FBA Donations program is a pivotal aspect of Amazon's mission to provide sellers with efficient channels for managing surplus and returned inventory. Through this program, sellers have the opportunity to donate eligible products to Amazon's charity partners, rather than opting for refurbishment, liquidation, or returning the products to themselves.

By default, all US sellers utilizing FBA are enrolled in the program. However, to maximize the program's benefits, sellers can choose to manually elect to donate additional products that might otherwise remain stagnant in fulfillment centers.

How does it work?

Upon encountering products deemed unsuitable for resale, sellers can initiate a removal order to decide the fate of these items. Through the FBA Donations program, sellers can opt to donate these products to charity partners rather than disposing of them. The program operates seamlessly within Seller Central, providing sellers with the flexibility to set up recurring donations according to their preferences.

Your donation certificate from Good 360 will be generated on a yearly basis and can be found on the Donations page in Seller Central. The donation certificate contains the quantity and description of your inventory that was donated through the program in the previous year.

The Impact of Your Donation

Partnering with the nonprofit Good360, Amazon ensures that donated products reach those who are most in need. Good360 facilitates the distribution of these donations to benefit nonprofits worldwide, contributing to various causes and disaster relief efforts.

In a recent testament to the program's impact, Amazon's FBA Donations played a crucial role in aiding communities devastated by a tornado in Mississippi. Through partnerships with organizations like 180 Disaster Relief, Amazon's donations helped provide essential items to over 104,000 survivors, offering a glimmer of hope amidst challenging times.

Participating in the FBA Donations program is not only an opportunity to streamline inventory management but also a chance to make a tangible difference in communities worldwide. Sellers can initiate recurring donations today, contributing to meaningful causes while accessing their yearly donation certificate through Seller Central.


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