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The Amazon Accelerator Program

The Amazon Accelerator Program allows sellers to sell their private label brand exclusively on Amazon.  CNBC states Amazon’s private label business is on pace to generate $25 billion in sales by 2022, according to SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.

What is private label?

Private labeling is buying your product or service from one manufacturer, enhancing, modifying or changing the product in some way, then putting your branding on it and selling it. Amazon is allowing sellers to join the Amazon Family of Brands. Family brands come with benefits to help sellers.

  1. Onboarding Specialist

  2. Receive guided support and a free toolset of products to tell your brand story and track performance.

  3. Marketing Services

  4. Brands will receive a suite of marketing support executed by the amazon merchandising team. Products with high ratings and reviews can receive additional placements across Amazon

  5. Venue to Test and Learn

  6. You can easily test new innovative products and get quick customer feedback.  

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Why use the Amazon Accelerator Program?

Selling exclusively on Amazon through the Amazon Accelerator Program allows you to access 300 million customers along with having your items shipped and stored by Amazon. Another great thing about selling on Amazon is if your brand is private label, you have a smaller chance of being hijacked. Registering your brand with Amazon keeps it safe; if someone ends ups hijacking your listing, you can easily get it removed since they are actually copying your own brand.           

Amazon has been expanding their attempt to gain more people to join their private label business and the Amazon Accelerator Program is a great chance for people to do so.

Some of the brands featured on Amazon brands include:

The Amazon Accelerator Program is offered in multiple categories including:

  1. Apparel & Accessories

  2. Automotive

  3. Baby

  4. Beauty

  5. Business & Industrial

  6. Consumer Electronics

  7. Food & Beverages

  8. Health & Wellness

  9. Home & Kitchen

  10. Household & Personal Care

  11. Lawn & Garden

  12. Office Supplies

  13. Pets

  14. Shoes

  15. Sporting & Outdoors

  16. Tools & Home Improvement

  17. Toys

Joining the Amazon Accelerator Program gives you the opportunity to sell exclusively on Amazon and will definitely help increase brand awareness. There are many different categories you can sell in, so the options are endless. This program helps startups get on their feet and succeed with their brand by offering a service that provides a long term commitment.

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