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What is the Amazon Exclusives Program?

What is the Amazon Exclusives Program?

Started in 2015, the Amazon Exclusives Program is a program that allows third party sellers to sell their unique products. Amazon allows them to get discovered by promising better discoverability, additional marketing opportunities, merchandising support, brand support and self-serve brand tools. Since it is a program you have meet some requirements in order to establish eligibility to join. 

Since launching, Amazon has added hundreds of brands that are selling thousands of products through the program. Just in the first year alone, the program grew by 250%!

amazon exclusives program

Example of what the Amazon Exclusives page looks like

How do I get my products in the Amazon Exclusives Program?

The first part of being eligible for the Amazon Exclusives Program includes your status on Amazon, you must be a third-party seller. According to Tinuiti (formerly known as CPCStrategy):

  1. You must be the brand owner of your product

  2. Your brand must be registered through Amazon Brand Registry

  3. You must be fulfilling the product through FBA

  4. You cannot sell the product on anywhere else besides Amazon

  5. This includes your own website or physical store

Along with the requirements mentioned above, you have to be able to meet the minimum performance metrics in order to join the Amazon Exclusives Program:

  1. Order defect rate <1%

  2. Pre-fulfillment rate <2.5%

  3. Late Shipment Rate <4%

  4. Have a professional selling account in good standing

Are Amazon Exclusives Program products eligible for Prime?

Another great thing about this program is that your orders are eligible for Amazon Prime. Being eligible for Amazon Prime is a great added benefit to this program because Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping. Since your products are going to be fulfilled through Amazon, you don’t have to worry about getting it to your customer on time, it’s left up to Amazon!

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