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Cross Posting your Amazon Products to eBay: Amazon to eBay Arbitrage

Cross posting your Amazon products to eBay may not seem like something Amazon Sellers want to get involved with, but the reality is someone is probably already trying to sell your exact products on eBay using your Amazon product listings.

If you’ve never heard of the concept of Amazon to eBay arbitrage, here’s basically how it works:

Someone finds a product listing posted on Amazon and posts a similar listing on eBay with a slightly higher price. When a customer purchases that item on eBay, the seller then places an order for that item on Amazon and use the customer’s shipping address to essentially use Amazon as a drop-shipper and make a profit.

Amazon Sellers may not be aware that this is happening to the products they are selling on Amazon. While it may seem like no big deal since you are still selling products and it is ultimately helping you, you have more to gain by controlling this aspect of selling your products. If someone else can sell your item for a higher price on eBay, why not do it yourself and pocket that extra profit yourself?

You can either undercut the prices of other sellers trying to arbitrage your products to attract extra sales to your listing on eBay rather than the other sellers or keep a similar price to keep your normal margin. Remember, you can continue to have Amazon fulfill your orders, so you don’t have to create shipping labels or physically ship products yourself (if you are using Fulfillment by Amazon).

While you may not see the same type of sales velocity that Amazon has for your product, the added benefits of cross posting your Amazon products to eBay include controlling your products and brand in that marketplace, and will ultimately help you sell more products and improve your company’s bottom line.

You can use tools to automate the process of cross posting your Amazon products to eBay. Tools like JoeLister can sync your listings on eBay to your Amazon Seller Account so orders on eBay are automatically passes to Amazon. These tools allow you to post hundreds of listings easily and automatically populate your eBay listings with your images, descriptions and product information from your Amazon listings.

Here is a list of 9 tools you can try if you want to try cross posting your Amazon products to eBay.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Sellozo can help you grow your business with automated Amazon Sponsored Product Listings, check this out.

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