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What is Amazon Advertising Daily Budget Cap?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Amazon Advertising Daily Budget Cap

Amazon sellers have the option to indicate within their Seller Central Account if they would like their Sponsored Product Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns to adhere to either “Campaign Level Budgets” or to “Use daily budget cap.” This feature is found in Amazon’s Seller Central by navigating to Advertising>Campaign Manager. Once in Campaign Manager, choose “Settings.” If you’re unsure whether a budget cap is right for your Amazon selling business, we’d recommend starting with “Campaign Level Budgets” and choose daily amounts you are really comfortable with investing in your PPC campaigns. By selecting the option to “Use daily budget cap” a specific amount to not exceed on PPC Advertising per day can be entered. See the example from Campaign Manager in Amazon’s Seller Central below for reference:

This is also called a “global budget cap” in the industry and can be helpful if you’re very budget-conscious. However, your Sponsored Product campaigns will not be “delivering” after the budget cap is reached, which could be less than ideal if the budget cap is reached quite early in the day.

Within Sellozo, you can easily total up your campaign level budgets in PPC Manager by using the “Save as CSV” feature in the Campaigns tab. Then, within the CSV download use a formula to add up all of your Campaign’s Daily Budgets into a Total Daily Amount. You may want to even utilize filters to analyze only your “active” campaigns or other criteria. Our Dashboard “More Budget” region is especially helpful to see at a glance which campaigns have been frequently using their allotted budget over the past 30 days.


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