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The Recap: News for Amazon Sellers | Edition 9

Amazon News for Sellers: Hi, Sellers! New Amazon inventory rules and a look at online shopping in The Recap! ✨

JULY 17, 2020 | EDITION 9


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Happy Friday, Sellers! Amazon has yet to officially announce the actual date for Prime Day, though even if it had, if there's one thing 2020 has taught us, it's that things change. That, small omission has not stopped the Prime Day news, however: At the top of the list of Prime Day topics: Inventory. Amazon is imposing inventory restrictions on some products for FBA sellers within the Amazon fulfillment centers. With Prime day sometime in October - less than three months away - many are wondering how this restriction will impact a seller's ability to increase stock in anticipation of Prime Day and the holiday shopping season. There are promising insights for online sellers in a report that focuses on consumer sentiment during COVID-19 from Epsilon (registration required): 

  • Over 40% of consumers across generations plan to continue to shop online for consumer packaged goods

  • Amazon remains the top retailer with more than half of consumers across the generations purchasing there

  • Almost half of consumers across generations have no plans to return to shopping in physical stores until there are no new cases for at least a few days

Check out the full report for more including restaurants and travel.

Amazon's ad revenue is expected to continue to increase - as will competition for you, dear seller. Their ad revenue is expected to grow 23.5%, which is slightly lower than earlier estimates, but still a healthy increase from 2019. So promote those products, but be smart about it. Ask us how if you're not sure. 

Finally, last but not least, be sure to register for next week's Lunch & Learn. This time we're tackling the Pets category on Amazon and our own Amazon experts - who sell in Pets! - will be providing valuable tips and hosting a Q&A.



We're going to look at selling for Pets on Amazon with tips and advice from our own experts - including one who also sells in Pets.


1 PM ET | 10 AM PT




Amazon is extending its corporate work-from-home policy through at least January 8, 2021 and plans to continue restricting nonessential business travel through the end of 2020.


Amazon is now giving live streamers the opportunity to earn commissions on purchases of products they showcase in their streams. Previously, only social media influencers were able to earn money by driving traffic directly to Amazon products through posts on third party sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Apple's agreed to pay some iPhone users $25 settle a claim that it intentionally slowed down older devices to preserve battery life. Check to see if you're eligible and stake your $25 claim for your impacted phones. 


The folks at Junglescout provide a list of possible reasons for stranded inventory on Amazon and offer tips to solve the problem so you can get things moving and avoid unnecessary fees.




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