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The Recap: News for Amazon Sellers | Edition 18

Amazon News for Sellers: Boost your Amazon IQ, news, + more in this week's week's The Recap.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 | EDITION 018


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Hello Sellers!

This week, we thought we'd showcase some of our team's tutorial videos. I know, I know, sounds very marketing-y. Maybe. But they're making these videos to help other sellers, whether you use Sellozo or not. They're full of helpful tips, so check out some of these tutorials or the entire tutorials playlist on YouTube.

Also this week, Walmart's own version of Prime, Walmart+, launched. Both services offer fast delivery plus a slew of other services for around $100 per year. And that's about where the similarities end. Walmart's bundled their Walmart+ with a lot of localized, physical perks, like discounts on gas, and Amazon Prime comes with massive amounts of digital perks. Anyway, the folks at Retail Dive take an in-depth look at some of the similarities and many of the differences between the two if you're interested.



Dustin Kane gives sellers a breakdown of what the Amazon flywheel effect is and how sponsored product listings impact your organic rank, and as a result, your organic sales. Check it out.  




DOJ charged six people in a scheme to bribe Amazon employees to "gain upper hand" on Amazon.


Now out of beta, Amazon's Account Health Rating (AHR) dashboard gives sellers an aggregated view of compliance and policy violations.


Amazon Music now offers podcasts. They're bringing more than 70,000! podcasts to their platform, including some big titles, like Serial and Pod Save America as well as some exclusive deals like DJ Khaled's The First One.


As Amazon and Walmart try to gain an edge over each other, they're becoming more alike, but Amazon still has an edge over Walmart with expanded delivery hubs and distribution.


Boosted Commerce has raised $87 million in investment to develop an online shopping portfolio. So far they've purchased 6 Amazon FBA firms with a goal of 100 firms over the next 4 years.


In addition to the 33,000 corporate and technology jobs Amazon announced last week, they're also Amazon's hiring 100,000 full and part-time employees across the U.S. and Canada. The positions include benefits, sign-on bonuses, and access to training programs.


Amazon is renaming FreeTime, which sounds more like a service to free oneself from electronics, to "Amazon Kids." FreeTime Unlimited will become "Amazon Kids Plus." The services will also get a new look along with their new names in the next few weeks.


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