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The Recap: News for Amazon Sellers | Edition 17

Amazon News for Sellers: Alexa's IQ increases, tips, + more in The Recap.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 | EDITION 017


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Hello Sellers!

Amazon's Alexa is getting smarter each week - this is great news for Sellers who sell Echo accessories, because if you ever needed an excuse to get the Mandalorian the Child base with an Echo Dot, here are a few: This week, Amazon announced a partnership with AT&T that makes it possible for customers to link their phone numbers to their Alexa account, allowing them to both make and receive phone calls via their Alexa devices. "Alexa, print a crossword puzzle." This week, Amazon announced Alexa Print. If you have a second generation or better Echo and an IPP-enabled compatible printers (we had to look it up, too) then you're in luck! Amazon has a compatibility list as well as a list of commands. Alexa Print can print out your Alexa content, like to-do lists, recipes, weekly calendars, etc as well as educational content for kids, crosswords, games, mazes, and Sudoku.  All these updates, plus the ability to customize routines, makes Alexa so much smarter. Soon we might be simply saying, "tea, earl grey, hot" to start our day! What do you wish Alexa could do? Drop us a note.



This week, Amazon expert Dustin Kane explains the differences between a manual targeting campaign and an automatic targeting campaign for Sellers using Amazon advertising.




Amazon has banned plant and seed sales from China after thousands of people across the U.S. received unsolicited, mystery seed deliveries.


And what does one do with mystery seeds that arrive on your doorstep? A reporter at Vice did some digging. Some people planted them. Some ate them (really). Some grew oregano, which they then ate, and others saw the rest of their gardens die or grew mold.


Amazon has been accused of price gouging during the pandemic. A study by Public Citizen looked at 14 products, many sold by third party sellers, and how their prices changed through the pandemic.


Walmart has started testing drone delivery of groceries in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The automated drones can fly about 6 miles carrying packages up to 6.6 pounds and take off from a landing pad near the store. Unlike Amazon, the drones are operated by a third party - Israeli startup Flytrex Aviation Ltd. - since Walmart doesn't have its own drone army or FAA approval (yet). 


Do you dream of working for Amazon? Amazon has announced Career Day to help find 33,000 new Amazonians.

Amazon Career Day is a free, virtual event on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. It will include live streams, panel discussions, and interviews with recruiting experts from Amazon. They've also amassed an army of 1,000 recruiters so they can provide 20,000 one-on-one coaching sessions that day.

It's free to attend, but sessions are limited, so register early at:


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