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The Recap: News for Amazon Sellers | Edition 14

Amazon News for Sellers: 👏 Amazon News + More for Sellers in this week's The Recap.

AUGUST 21, 2020 | EDITION 014


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Hi, Sellers!  Did you register for Amazon Accelerate yet? Many of us here at Sellozo, many of whom sell on Amazon, are registered and our agenda's set. Personally, this seller is looking forward to the sessions on brands and inventory management. Yes, I've sat at length with our own experts and discussed the topics, but it never hurts to learn more, especially from the source - Amazon! We're also hopeful, since there's a session about Prime Day, that we'll also see the new Prime Day date announced for North America. 🤞 Speaking of brands on Amazon, there are some interesting things going on with Amazon's search. It's testing a new feature: adding Branded Stores to search suggestions. It's unclear how far-reaching the test is right now, or what brands are included in it. Marketplace Pulse has some examples that demonstrate the functionality. While it's fantastic for brand searches, for example suggesting the "adidas" store for a search containing the term adidas, it's also suggesting brand stores for unbranded searches. What? This could have a serious impact to sellers. [ Small plug: Now, more than ever, it's important to advertise and advertise smartly so you can improve your placement in search results. Our team can help, contact us for a free demo and learn more. End small plug. ]

In other news this week, the trickle down effect of the government's Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law hearing continues. A few weeks ago we all learned that Amazon got a preferred rate from Apple for inclusion in their App store.

Now everyone wants Amazon's deal! A group representing the New York Times, WSJ, The Washington Post and other major publishers want Apple to reduce the 30 percent cut it currently takes on first year subscriptions. Another headache for Apple after Spotify has filed a complaint with the EU and Epic Games, maker of Fortnite, is also suing Apple after Fortnite was pulled over a payment dispute. Fortnite. Pulled. So of course, Epic is hosting an anti-Apple tournament and used iPhones with Fornite selling for thousands on eBay.

It's a great techgeek movie plot and it all started with discovery emails between Bezos and Apple as part of that House Judiciary Committee hearing. We can't make this stuff up, folks.

And don't forget to register for Accelerate!



Amazon Robotics Engineers Are Building Cutting-edge Technology - from their Garages!Many teams at Amazon are now working from home - including Amazon's robotics team. These engineers are used to working behind the scenes developing robotics and processes to increase safety in Amazon fulfillment centers, but with the ongoing pandemic, they're forced to turn their workshops into robotics labs. In a throwback to the early days of tech, some engineers have turned their homes into R&D labs to continue building in their garages.

Learn more on Day One and get a sneak peek at some of their latest innovative creations.




Amazon is pushing Seller Fulfilled Prime members to add Saturdays to their work week. Beginning in February 2021, sellers will be required to support Saturday pick-up and delivery so more people can get Prime-eligible products.


Soon you can Zoom from your Amazon Echo, Facebook Portal, or Google Nest smart displays. Great news for the work-from-home and school-from-home crews.


Amazon's Project Kuiper - a mega-constellation of thousands of satellites in low-Earth orbit to provide uninterrupted broadband - has been approved by the FCC provided it doesn't interfere with other previously approved mega-constellations, like SpaceX's Starlink.


Amazon is investing $1.4Billion in six Amazon facilities to grow their workforce by 3,500! The headcount at Amazon in New York, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, and Detroit will increase soon.


Two brothers are accused of manipulating Amazon's vendor system in an overshipping scam by attempting - often successfully - to sell Amazon small quantities of goods, but invoicing Amazon for substitute goods at grossly inflated prices and excessive quantities.


The folks at CNET have some privacy recommendations for Alexa. They've created a short list of six features you might want to disable. 


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