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The Recap: News for Amazon Sellers | Edition 10

Amazon News for Sellers:  New opportunities for Amazon sellers, news, + more in The Recap.

JULY 24, 2020 | EDITION 010


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Happy Friday, Sellers! So. Remember last week when we were hopeful that the inventory updates and inventory restrictions meant that Prime Day was right around the corner? Well, not-so-much. Earlier this week, Amazon confirmed it has delayed Prime Day globally. So far, the only confirmed Prime Day worldwide is in India on August 6th & 7th. While Prime Day itself remains an unknown, there are still great opportunities for Amazon sellers in Q3 and Q4:

  • Walmart has said that they're closing stores on Thanksgiving and ending their Black Friday sales. Not a huge surprise, given the current pandemic and the difficulties of managing crowds during easier, less-contagious times, but still a surprise to see them drop it altogether. Maybe they'll announce an online version later, but in the meantime it's good news for Amazon sellers. 

  • The Prosper Show - the show of shows for Amazon Sellers and service providers - has become virtual for 2020. Rather than reschedule again, they're making it digital. While not idea for service providers, it could prove very valuable for Amazon sellers as the show will now be more accessible to a larger audience who might not have been able to make the trek to Las Vegas.

The eCommerce boom has many analysts in a flurry ahead of Amazon's earnings report next week. With some retailers like Target seeing over 250% bumps in digital sales for April, it's a pretty safe assumption that Amazon will also see a big increase as well. An eMarketer report from earlier this year showed general Amazon category sales increases from 12-61% in May 2020. This, paired with cloud computing and general company growth, has the analysts excited.



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Amazon has opened a delivery center in the old Necco-factory building - the maker of Sweethearts. The 800,000 square foot space will add 200 jobs and makes Amazon Boston's biggest employer.


Apple's agreed to pay some iPhone users $25 settle a claim that it intentionally slowed down older devices to preserve battery life. Check to see if you're eligible and stake your $25 claim for your impacted phones. 


From very early on in this global pandemic, Apple has been one of the first retailers to close its doors in areas of the U.S. when they see a surge in Covid-19 cases, often before other retailers. WSJ looks at Apple's strategy. 


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