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Sellozo Release Notes September 2023

The newest Sellozo release brings exciting new features to enhance the user experience. Among the standout enhancements are the introduction of a bulk component for Placement multipliers, the inclusion of Product ad images for Sponsored Brand campaigns, and the convenient option for users to upload their products in bulk for AutoPilot product group creation via CSV upload.

We've also implemented new filters to streamline the search experience, making it easier for users to find the results they're looking for. Additionally, we've introduced an 'Edit functionality' within the Budget rules, allowing users to make changes to various fields in their existing budget rules with ease.

Furthermore, we have worked on building background services for Sponsored Display in order

to support the launch of Sponsored Display campaigns within Sellozo. This strategic development lays the groundwork for enabling the seamless initiation of Sponsored Display

campaigns within the Sellozo platform.

New Features

1. Introducing a new component for bulk 'Placement Multiplier’ Adjustments

Now, users can adjust bid multipliers in bulk, saving time from doing it individually for each campaign. Simply select the campaigns where you want to make these changes, open the placement bid multiplier window under 'More Actions,' make your adjustments, and apply them to all the selected campaigns with a single push.

New component for bulk ‘Placement Bid multiplier’ adjustments

Ability to PUSH down changes on the Placement multipliers in BULK

2. Introducing Product ad images for Sponsored Brand campaigns within Product Ads tab in PPC Manager

Sellers can now view the product ad image for Sponsored Brand (SB) campaigns in the Product Ads tab of PPC Manager. We combined the Product and Image columns to display only the Sponsored Brand Ad Image Preview. The SKU column in the table will remain empty as ASINs can have multiple associated SKUs. You will find one or possibly a list of three ASINs in the ASIN column of the PPC table in the Product Ads tab.

Product Ad image for SB campaigns

Associated ASIN details of SB campaigns

3. Upload your products in bulk for AutoPilot product group creation via CSV upload

Users will now be able to upload their products in Bulk using the CSV upload feature while launching an AutoPilot product group. Simply download the template, insert your Parent ASINs into the CSV file, upload it, and proceed to Step 2 to input all the necessary information for launching an AutoPilot product group.

Additionally, users can still individually select their products from the user interface, retaining the flexibility of both bulk and manual selection.

Bulk Product Upload for Launching AP Product Groups

4. A new ‘Status’ field to track the current state of existing Budget rules

We have added a new field for ‘Status’ that will display the value based on conditions specified in the rule, including the date range and performance goal. Following are the valid values for this field and what it means:

  • Active: The rule is active and the budget for the day is increased based on the rule configuration.

  • On Hold: The budget rule can be “on hold” for any of the following reasons:

    1. Performance criteria haven’t yet been met.

    2. Another active rule supersedes the current rule.

    3. A recurrence condition has not yet been met.

  • Paused: The rule is paused and not eligible for evaluation.

  • Budget threshold not met: The rule is not applicable because the minimum required daily budget threshold required is not met. This is applicable for performance rules only.

  • Pending Start: The start date of the rule is in the future. On the start date, the rule will be evaluated and will become active if the condition is satisfied.

  • Expired: The rule has reached the end date specified in the rule configuration.

5. Introducing new 'Edit Functionality' for editing Existing Budget Rules

We are introducing a new 'Edit Functionality' feature that will help users to make modifications to various fields within their existing budget rules. With this enhancement, users have the flexibility to edit dates, recurrence settings, conditions, and amounts, providing greater control and adaptability in managing their budget rules.

Editing capabilities on the Budget rules

6. Added additional metric trigger to Performance based budget-rules for Sponsored Brand campaigns

We've expanded the range of metrics available for creating performance-based budget rules. Below, you'll find a list of the newly added metrics for both SB and SD campaigns:

For Sponsored Display Campaigns:

  • ACoS

  • CTR

  • CVR

  • RoAS

For Sponsored Brand campaigns:

  • % of Sales NTB (New-to-Brand)

Newly added metric for SD campaigns

Newly added metric for SB campaigns

7. Added a new filter for ‘Bid Multiplier’ on the Placement tab within PPC Manager

We've added a 'Bid Multiplier' filter that allows users to filter their placements based on their chosen bid multipliers. Users can choose from various filter options for 'Bid Multiplier’, including greater than, less than, equal to, or not equal to.

New ‘Bid Multiplier’ filter on the Placement tab

8. New 'PPC Conversion Rate' Filter Added to All Tabs (Except Campaign Groups) in PPC Manager

Added ‘PPC Conversion rate’ filter across all tabs within PPC Manager except Campaign groups tab. Applying filters on the Campaigns tab will get cascaded to other tabs within PPC Manager.

PPC Conversion filter across all tabs within PPC Manager

Upcoming Features:

  1. SB/SD Campaign Launch in Sellozo - We are thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display campaign launch flow in Sellozo. This new feature will enable users to launch these campaigns directly from Sellozo, providing greater convenience and efficiency.

  2. Amazon Budget Rules (Phase II) - In our second phase of Amazon budget rules, we will be implementing Budget rules recommendations so that users gain the ability to create event-based budget rules for Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Product campaigns (SD campaigns are not part of event-based budget rules). Users will be able to leverage budget rules recommendations for different events. Also, we will be implementing ‘Edit’ functionalities across various fields of the budget rules that will offer users greater control and adaptability in managing budget rules.

  3. Sellozo AutoPilot - In our upcoming release, we will be launching some new enhancements that aim to provide users with increased flexibility in launching and managing product groups. These enhancements are designed to improve the overall experience and functionality of the AutoPilot.


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