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Sellozo Release Notes, May 2024

Updated: May 10

With this release, we're making some big improvements! First, we're moving to Snowflake for our data platform, which means faster and more scalable performance. We're also adding Smart tags to ProductVu for ASINs and Parent ASINs, and bringing back Smart tags for campaigns in PPC Manager. Plus, we've updated our client scripts to handle non-SP campaigns and run on dayparted campaigns even if they're paused. And finally, we've expanded the FBA fees category in the Financial reports to give you more accurate information on all the fees involved.

But that's not all – users will now have the option to launch Autopilot campaigns from the ‘Launch Campaigns’ tab within PPC Manager.

New Features:

1. Upgrading our Data Platform to Snowflake for Better Service

We have some exciting news to share with you! As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible service, we're upgrading our data platform to a new system called Snowflake. With this release we've successfully moved all our data into Snowflake. Now, we're getting ready to use this new system to make our app even better for you. Soon, you'll start seeing improvements that come from using data from Snowflake. This means things will work faster, and smoother, than ever before!

Why the Change?

We are upgrading to Snowflake, which offers better performance and scalability compared to our existing system. This move is a strategic part of rolling out the next generation of Sellozo. By adopting Snowflake, we're laying the foundation for a robust, scalable platform that supports our vision for growth and innovation.

This transition is about making Sellozo not just better, but best-in-class. Snowflake's ability to scale effortlessly means we can continue adding new features and capabilities without worrying about performance limitations. We are so excited about how this transition will take Sellozo forward, ensuring we continue to meet and exceed our customers' needs with cutting-edge solutions.

What Does This Mean for You?

With this new system, we'll be able to update things in real-time, which means the information you see will always be up-to-date. You can expect quicker and more accurate data when you're using our app. This change will help us pull all our databases together, making it easier to analyze large datasets. Overall, this is all about providing you with a secured, highly-performant and scalable service.

2. Integrate SB v4/v3.2 Services into existing workflows

We’ve integrated the new SB v4 and Sb v3.2 services into our existing workflows.  All our current functionalities will now point to the new services. We have also aligned the Placement bid multiplier modal for SB campaigns with V4 endpoints migration that will allow users to set placement multipliers for SB campaigns and save them.

3. Introducing Smart tags for ASINs and Parent ASINs within ProductVu

We are expanding the Smart tag feature from SKUs to ASINs and Parent ASINs as well within ProductVu. Now, you can add smart tags to ASINs and Parent ASINs just like you do with SKUs. This update allows sellers to tag single or multiple products easily, helping you organize your products into logical groups for simpler reporting. Plus, you can quickly filter your products using smart tag filters on these pages. Additionally, if you need to tag many products at once, you can take advantage of our bulk tagging option.

Smart Tag is available for both Individual and Bulk ASINs tagging

Smart Tag is available for both Individual and Bulk Parent ASINs tagging

4. Added a new option to launch Autopilot campaigns from ‘Launch Campaigns’ tab within PPC Manager

There is a new 'Launch Autopilot' option in the PPC Manager's 'Launch Campaigns' tab. This feature allows you to start your Autopilot campaigns directly from the PPC Manager without needing to navigate away from the page. Simply group your products, click a few buttons, and your campaigns are up and running. It saves your time and effort by allowing the platform to make data-driven decisions on your behalf. AP adjusts bids, harvest keywords and create negatives. Plus, with Autopilot, you can manage your whole account easily. Let Autopilot handle everything for all your products or just for a few. Setting up and managing your ads takes only a few minutes with Sellozo Autopilot!

Launch Autopilot from PPC Manager

5. Updated Client scripts to use correct conversion and sales for non-SP campaigns

We updated client scripts to effectively manage sales and conversions for Sponsored Brand campaigns. Now, they consider the 14-day attribution window for SB and SD campaigns when displaying metric data, ensuring consistency with the information in the Targeting tab. 

Users can do the dry run to test all the rules at once and check all the errors (if there are any) before doing the actual run. Handling all the errors during the dry run ensures no issue during the actual run.

6. Client Scripts will now run for dayparted campaigns, regardless of whether they are paused during the run

We've updated client scripts to run on dayparted campaigns, even if they're paused based on the dayparted schedule. Now, regardless of campaigns’ pause status during execution, client scripts will consistently run on dayparted campaigns as per the script rules. 

7. Updated Financial Reporting to address entries exaggerated account level expenses stemming from differing time zones between marketplace profiles

We've made some improvements on the Financial Reports to address inaccurate reporting on financial events across different time zones at the account-level. Previously, due to variations in time zones across different profiles, some categories were showing exaggerated values  in our reports. This occurred because the Service Fee events we receive from Amazon do not have unique time entries, leading to multiple events being recorded for the same transaction upon importing separately for each of the marketplaces.

For instance, if you operate in multiple marketplaces with different time zones, data imports could result in separate events being recorded for the same transaction, causing multiple entries at the account-level.

To address this, we've implemented changes to accurately determine unique entries. Moving forward, you will see correct reporting on following categories within Financial reports as these were the impacted ones due to time zone:

  1. FBAInboundConvenienceFee

  2. FBAInboundShipmentCartonLevelInfoFee

  3. FBAInboundTransportationFee

  4. FBAInboundTransportationProgramFee

  5. FBALongTermStorageFee

  6. FBAStorageFee

  7. LabelingFee

  8. LoanAdvance

  9. LoanPayment

  10. PolybaggingFee

  11. ReCommerceGradingAndListingCharge

  12. STARStorageFee

  13. Subscription

  14. VatAmazonTechnologyFee

  15. VatPartnerFee

  16. VineFee

8. Expanded FBA fees category within Financial reports

We've expanded the FBA fees section in the Financial reports by adding several new line items. This expansion provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the numbers related to FBA fees. This includes the following items:

  1. CompensatedClawback

  2. FeeReplacementRefundItems

  3. MissingFromInbound

  4. PostageBillingPostage

  5. PostageBillingPostageAdjustment

  6. PostageRefundPostage

  7.  PostageRefundPostageAdjustment

  8. ReversalReimbursement

  9. ReserveCredit

  10. ReserveDebit

  11. ReturnPostageBillingFuelSurcharge

  12. ReturnPostageBillingOversizeSurcharge

  13. WarehouseDamage

  14. WarehouseLostManual

  15. DebtPayment

  16. RunLightningDealFee

  17. FbaDisposalFee

  18. FbaInboundConvenienceFee

  19. FbaInboundTransportationFee

  20. FbaLongtermStorageFee

  21. FbaInternationalInboundFreightFee

  22. FbaInternationalInboundFreightTaxAndDuty

  23. ShippingChargeback

  24. ShippingChargeBackAdjustment

  25. RemovalShipmentFee

  26. RemovalShipmentRevenue

  27. RemovalShipmentTax

  28. GiftwrapChargeback

  29. RecommerceGradingAndListingCharge

  30. VineFee

Additional Small enhancements and bug fixes

  1. Refactored AmazonDimensionServices to take full advantage of new Endpoint services.

  2. Targeting Expression on the Search Terms tab within PPC Manager is now displaying in full upon expanding the column width. 

  3. Showing correct values for placement multipliers on ‘Relative Bid adjustments’ window.

  4. Fixed alignment issues on a few of the columns on the ‘Details’ page within Financial reports.

  5. Fixed the issue with updating SB ad groups within Sellozo. 

Upcoming Features:

  • SBV Campaign Launch in Sellozo: We are thrilled to introduce the first phase of SB launch within Sellozo that is going to hit the floor very soon.  This new feature will enable users to launch this campaign type directly from Sellozo, providing greater convenience and efficiency.

  • Hourly Data Heatmap for Multiple Metrics: We are leveraging AMS data to display hourly data for multiple other metrics like CPC, CTR. This feature will enable users to monitor and track their KPIs on an hourly basis.


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