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Renewed by Amazon

Those who are familiar with shopping online have run across the terms ‘refurbished’, ‘open box’ and ‘like new’. All of these terms indicate that the products were pre-owned. So how is Renewed by Amazon different? 

Renewed by Amazon is a program that allows anyone to sell their pre-owned products to Amazon to be re-sold. Products that are accepted in the program are inspected and tested to look and work like new.

According to Amazon, “Products sold on Amazon Renewed have been inspected and tested to work and look like new by an Amazon qualified and performance managed supplier who is either the seller of record, when that is not, or a third party vendor, when sells products that it sources from third party vendors”.

renewed by amazon

Renewed by Amazon includes many categories:

  1. Smartphones 

  2. Computers 

  3. Home & Kitchen 

  4. Tools 

  5. Smartwatches 

  6. Smart Home 

  7. Tablets 

  8. Cameras

  9. Lawn & Garden 

  10. Home Improvement 

  11. Home Entertainment 

  12. Headphones

  13. Video Games 

  14. Office Products

  15. Sports & Outdoors 

  16. Automotive

renewed by amazon

Big brands that are part of Renewed by Amazon:

  1. Apple 

  2. Arlo 

  3. Vizio 

  4. Callaway 

  5. Vitamix 

  6. Dyson

To pass the test, products have to go through a full diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts and a thorough cleaning process carried out  by the supplier or by Amazon. The product also has to have no visible cosmetic imperfections when it is held 12 inches away. 

Instead of the typical 30 day return policy, Amazon offers a 90 day return policy for most purchases. If you need to call Amazon, you can reach them at 1-800-362-5703.

This program is great for sellers who purchase lightly used items, or items that were opened but never used. Since the products go through such a high screening process, the price of the product can be pretty close to the original price. Usually, if someone is selling a used product, it has a lot of wear and tear, but with this program, Amazon will actually fix anything if it needs to be done, which sets the price higher than a regular used item.

For more information on selling products through Amazon’s renewed program, you can read more by clicking here.

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