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Promotional Incentives for Amazon Sellers

Promotional incentives are any type of gift, bonus or added benefit that a customer receives in exchange for doing business with a particular company, according to Mpell Solutions or can be given to potential customers to gain their attention. Some common items that businesses give out include:

  1. Pens

  2. Stickers

  3. Small planners

  4. Stress balls

  5. Lanyards

  6. Discounts

  7. Bundled products

What do these items do?

Promotional incentives can help increase brand awareness tremendously. Not only does the customer walk away with the knowledge of your brand but they also walk away with something physical with your name on it. Especially if it’s something they can use daily like a pen or journal. Allowing a customer to walk away with something physical also gives your brand the opportunity to be seen in front of other eyes as well. According to 58% of people hang onto their promotional products.

Why are promotional incentives important?

Promotional products are important because it is low-cost effective marketing while also advertising to a big group of people. Most manufacturers especially overseas offer products that are dirt cheap and can easily add your logo or name to the product. Think of the promotional product as a business card that people can use.    

What are some nontangible promotional incentives?

Promotional incentives don’t always have to be physical. It can be a discount code or a credit that goes towards the store or brand. For example, Burger King offered customers a .01 cent sandwich if they drove to the McDonalds parking lot and checked in on the Burger King mobile app. Another example could include clothing brands having their customers posting pictures on Instagram or Twitter with a branded hashtag and those who use the hashtag get a special code sent to them through their direct message.

Their brand gets the attention of the followers of those who post their hashtag, free exposure!

What are some good promotional incentives?

Some good promotional items include things that you know someone will use regardless of if the brand was on it or not, it’s something that will come in handy for the customer.

Mugs are pretty well known by companies to use to give to their customers because it is something they can put in their kitchen cabinets. 53% of U.S. consumers own promotional drinkware.

Customized Tote Bags are another awesome promotional incentive to give to customers especially if you are at a trade show or conference. It gives them a chance to put everything they are carrying into a bag. 50% of U.S. consumers own promotional bags.

To read more about the statistics and the best promotional items click here.

Promotional incentives are a great way to get your name thrown around, while also pleasing your customers by offering a free gift! They will definitely appreciate it.

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