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How To Utilize Keyword Match Types Effectively

Keyword match types are a pivotal aspect of any Amazon advertising campaign. However, the debate often arises: should different keyword match types coexist within the same ad group, or is it more beneficial to separate them into distinct campaigns? In this blog post, we'll delve into insights and best practices that our Sellozo Marketing experts recommend.

Separate Campaigns for Each Match Type: A Preferred Approach

One common campaign structure question we, at Sellozo, get a lot is about different keyword match types and whether they should exist in separate ad groups or separate campaigns and whether that structure matters. At first glance, it is not that much different than having separate ad groups in the same campaign. However, there are distinct advantages to having a separate campaign for each keyword match type, primarily centered around budget control. You can control how much you're spending on your broad match, your phrase match and your exact match by being able to go in and reduce or pause the budget very easily which you can’t do if you mix match types in the same campaign.  

Unlocking the Power of Negative Keywords

One compelling reason to segregate match types is the ability to leverage negative keywords effectively. When broad and phrase match keywords intermingle with exact match keywords within the same destination, the capacity to create negative keywords diminishes. To harness the full potential of negative keywords, ensure that your exact match keywords reside in their dedicated ad group, and ideally, within their distinct campaign.

Navigating the intricacies of Amazon advertising necessitates a strategic approach, especially concerning keyword match types. Opting for separate campaigns for each match type offers unparalleled advantages, from enhanced budgetary control to optimized ad group management and effective negative keyword utilization.

For sellers and advertisers aiming to elevate their Amazon advertising strategies, embracing these insights and structuring campaigns accordingly can pave the way for increased visibility, efficiency, and profitability.

To delve deeper into such invaluable insights, be sure to check out the Amazon Pro Seller Series on YouTube.


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