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Product Photos on Amazon: Ideas to Attract More Customers

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” On Amazon, photos can make the difference in whether or not a customer purchases your product. As such, it’s vital to the success of your business to have awesome products photos. Having product photos that truly showcase your products’ features and benefits will help entice customers to buy them.

Anyone who has shopped on Amazon knows that the standard for product photos starts with the full white background with the product squarely in the middle. These photos are great to plainly show your product in all its glory. However, giving customers other kinds of product photos that highlight it in different ways can help show customers why they HAVE to have it.

Some examples of different kinds of product photos include:

  1. Lifestyle photos

  2. Product-use photos

  3. Infographics

  4. Product Dimension(s)

When customers shop online, they obviously are not able to physically handle a product before deciding to purchase it or not. This is why having great product photos is important in helping attract customers and convince them to purchase your product. Showing your product in different kinds of photos, whether it Is being used as it should be, worn by a model, displayed in a beautifully decorated room, etc., can give customers a better understanding of how big your product is, how it is used, what it looks like when worn and so on.

Here is a great example of a lifestyle photo:

product photos

This product photo highlights how the vase looks in a ‘real-life’ setting. These kinds of photos allow the customer to visualize what the product would look like in their home. Customers like to have a good idea of how well a product would tie in with their décor before they order it, and lifestyle photos like this are helpful in that aspect.

Another popular type of product photo is showing the product being used.

product photos

These usually feature a model using the product in an ‘every-day’ setting to demonstrate how best to use the product. This kind of product photo is popular because people like to see how a product should be used. Also, according to New Neuromarketing, when people feel good, it effects their decision making and seeing smiles in product photos can result in a positive attitude towards the product. So, if you are going to use models (and show their faces) for your product photos, make sure they have a great, genuine smile!

product photos

If you sell holiday items, you should consider doing holiday-specific lifestyle product photos.

product photos

This kind of lifestyle product photo is useful in capitalizing on your customers’ excitement over the holiday. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, or Christmas, customers have needs during each holiday. By setting up a simple lifestyle product photo to show how your product is what customers need to celebrate the holiday, you’re more likely to get them to buy it!

You can also use this idea for non-holiday specific items, but by placing them in a holiday lifestyle product photo. For example, you might sell red gift-wrapping supplies (paper, bags, tissue paper, ribbon, etc.). You could take product photos for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day settings and have each one live during the appropriate time of year.

This is a great idea if you sell campaign 2! Take photos of the campaign 2 under a Christmas tree or in a stocking for a festive look!

There are several ways you can use infographics for product photos to give the customer important information that will help them better understand your product.

product photos

You can simply add text to product photos that highlight specific features or benefits of your products. You could use the information from the bullet points in your listings or other important keywords that will help attract customers.

product photos

You can also use infographics like this, by using icons and text on a photo, to catch the customers’ eyes and provide quick highlights about the product they need to know when making their decision to purchase or not. These can be things that differentiate your products from other similar products, like if it is organic, made in the USA, FDA approved, etc. Having this information front-and-center for customers makes it clear why they should choose your product over a competitor.

Because customers cannot physically interact with products when shopping online, it can be difficult to get a proper idea of how big or small an item is. For this reason, it can be helpful for customers if sellers provide product photos that show dimensions.

product photos

This kind of product photo gives customers the height, width, and other dimensions of the product so they can determine if the product is the right size for their needs. This is particularly useful if your products are very large or very small. You can even provide another object to give a sense of comparable size (i.e. hand, body, etc.).

Product photos are a useful way to diversify your product listing. Give customers as much information as possible to help them decide to buy your products. You want them to feel confident that they are getting the exact product they are looking for to fill their needs. These photos do not have to be difficult or expensive to produce. Check out our blog on product photography here!

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