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Pinterest: Using it to Promote Your Brand

Pinterest is often a forgotten platform when it comes to social media marketing and advertising your brand or business. Why? People have this misconception that it is a site strictly for recipes and DIY projects. It may be true that there are millions of  recipes and DIY projects but, it has millions of other topics as well.

Here are some Pinterest business statistics:


Stats pulled from

After looking over the business stats, it’s amazing on how many people are missing out on such a large audience (250 million+ to be exact). Pinterest is great for promoting your brand because you are able to express yourself in many different ways. You can display your product and features visually and who doesn’t like graphics?

Pinterest Boards

Boards are a great way to display your products and group them into different sections by creating ‘Pins’. Pins are defined as ideas that people on Pinterest find and save from around the web. Each Pin links back to the website it was saved from. If you click through the Pin, you can learn how to make it or where to buy it. Boards are great considering you can group your products by what they do or features that are important about your product or brand.

Pinterest Pins

Pins are great because like the definition mentioned, they can link back to your webpage or a direct link to the product. By doing so you are making it 10x easier for people to shop because they don’t have to dig through the website to find the product. They click the picture and boom, it’s right in their face!


Pinterest Helps Boost SEO

Pinterest can also help your SEO. Linking each picture to a web page or product helps strengthen your backlinking. Infographics are one of the most popular methods to help with backlinking and that’s one reason why Pinterest comes in handy because it is the land of infographics.

Pinterest Comments & Tries

Comments & Tries are an important feature on Pinterest because it allows people to leave a ‘review’. Doing so, people are able to leave comments under pins and are also able to upload pictures under the pin. This can help promote your brand because the tries are located on the persons profile, so not only do you get exposure from someone pinning it, you get exposure from someone else’s page as well. This also give you the opportunity to reply and engage with your customers.

So now that you know Pinterest can be extremely beneficial, sign up for an account and start pinning. Don’t forget to follow our Pinterest here!

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