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Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a program that allows you to upload your artwork to their platform, set a price for your artwork, once you get a purchase, Amazon prints it and ships it off to the customer. 

This program allows sellers to earn royalties from each purchase. Merch by Amazon is great for those looking to get into selling on Amazon with a smaller budget. Each time you sell a product, you earn a small percentage of the sale. The royalty amount depends on the type of shirt (standard, long sleeve, pullover, hoodie etc.), the price you set, applicable tax and less Amazon’s’ costs. 

For example, if you are selling a pullover hoodie at $35.99, you would earn $7.90 for each sale. For more information on royalties, click here.

Merch by Amazon

To be considered for Merch by Amazon, you either have to be selected or you can complete an application and request an invitation. In the application, expect to talk about your experience and background knowledge. If you are selected, you will hear back from Amazon – there is no need to message them or send a second request because they will only respond once a spot is open.

Benefits of Merch by Amazon

By becoming a part of Merch by Amazon, you get great benefits. If you are familiar with selling on Amazon through FBA, you know that you have to pay storage fees for your products, especially for those products that don’t sell. Products that you have sent to FBA that do not sell will collect a heavy amount of fees which can hurt your business tremendously. With this Merch by Amazon, Amazon prints the product on demand, which means it will only print your design when a sale is made, which will essentially save you hundreds because you won’t be paying for any kind of storage fees. 

You also get Prime benefits by being a part of Merch by Amazon. There are over 100 million people with Amazon Prime, so this is a great benefit for you. Your product is instantly available to millions of people! 

Merch by Amazon also allows you track your success by using their analysis tools. Compare and contrast what designs are selling well and which aren’t. With these tools, you can view your insights to figure out what steps you need to take to enhance your brand and generate an even higher revenue goal. 

Merch by Amazon is a program that is used by huge companies including Marvel, Cartoon Network, Fortnite, Disney and many more brands, so if you are second guessing if it’s worth it, this should tell you that it is a great program to join.  

Before applying to Merch by Amazon, you want to make sure your design complies with their content policy. Some general prohibited designs include:

  1. Profanity

  2. Human Tragedy 

  3. Mental Illness jokes/puns

  4. Nazism 

  5. Promotion of Hate

For more information on their content policy, click here

Remember, this program is invite only. So be patient and try your hardest! Good luck.

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