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How to Get the Amazon’s Choice Badge

We’ve all seen it before and we’ve all probably clicked on the product because of the badge. ‘Amazon’s Choice‘ badge is an important badge because it picks certain products out of a category and labels it as something Amazon would choose if they were to shop on their own site. Amazon defines it by stating, “Amazon’s Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.” The goal is to simplify shopping for the customer.

The Amazon’s Choice badge is also linked to their very own Alexa products. Why? When using an Amazon voice product, you can ask them to do anything – and that includes ordering things online without getting up to look and search for the best product on your computer. When someone asks Alexa to ‘buy more dishwashing soap’, Alexa will shop for products with the Amazon’s Choice badge. This essentially makes it easier for shoppers to determine what product they want. If you were to ask Alexa to shop for something it would pull up thousands of products, but with the Amazon’s Choice badge, it is easier to narrow it down to just one product and it’s usually the best-ranked product.

Amazon hasn’t disclosed exactly how to gain the Amazon’s Choice badge but according to Market Hustl, a great way to be considered would be to improve your organic sales. Organic sales are earned naturally without advertising and customer deals.

Other ways to potentially better your listing to be eligible for the Amazon’s Choice Badge would include:

  1. Well thought out bullet points in the description

  2. Bidding on the right keywords

  3. Adding multiple keywords in title

  4. Always being fully-stocked

  5. Using FBA (this is not a guaranteed way, but it is easier easier with stock & shipping since everything is in an Amazon warehouse)

There isn’t a secret formula to getting the badge and there isn’t a way to buy it either, but by staying on top of all of your metrics and making sure your listings are optimized, that you are always fully-stocked you could potentially be on the list for Amazon to consider your product for the Amazon’s Choice badge.

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