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Facebook Audience Targeting for Amazon Sellers

Facebook advertising can be a useful alternative to Amazon ads to help drive traffic to their product listings. Plus, one thing that makes advertising on Facebook a lot more impactful than advertising on Amazon is the ability to use audience targeting on Facebook.

Think about who your target customer is. They are likely on Facebook, since there are 2.41 BILLION people active on Facebook every month as of July 2019.

Think about demographic information like:

  1. Are they male, female, or both?

  2. How old are they?

  3. Does where they live relate to how they use your product or why they buy it?

  4. Do they have children?

  5. What interests do they have that relate to your product (hobbies, professions, etc)?

You can use Facebook audience targeting based on behaviors like if they are using a mobile device, if they engaged with political content, if they are frequent travelers, their digital activities like if they are console gamers, Facebook page admins, what Internet browser they use, etc.

facebook audience targeting

You can also use Facebook audience targeting for interests like what pages they have liked or followed and other specific interests. Facebook has a long list of interest topics that are broken down into sub categories that you can choose from. You can also try typing in topics, pages, or companies you think your target customers are engaging with on Facebook in order to target them with your ads.

facebook audience targeting

Facebook will also suggest different things to target based on previous ad campaigns you have launched or your page content.

facebook audience targeting

The Connections menu gives you the option to target people who like your page and their friends. This is great for broadening your reach within groups of like-minded people! Plus, it can give you a boost from the theory of ‘social proof,’ which simply means that people are more likely to do or buy something if their friends are already doing or buying it!

If you have your website connected to Facebook through a pixel, you can use Facebook audience targeting to retarget people who have already been to your website. You can also use a customer list (like a list of email addresses) to target them on Facebook (if they used that email to create a Facebook account).

facebook audience targeting

There is also the option within Facebook audience targeting to create lookalike audiences based on things like your website traffic or customer email lists. This can be a highly-profitable way to target on Facebook because Facebook automatically finds people who are similar to those people already visiting your website or buying your products. These people are usually going to be more likely to buy your products because of this kind of targeting.

facebook audience targeting

Location targeting can be great for sellers who have products with a tie to a specific location. For example, if you sell apparel for specific cities, it would be a good idea to target those cities on Facebook through Facebook audience targeting.

facebook audience targeting

Within Facebook audience targeting, you can exclude people based on the same interest, behavior, or demographic topics as mentioned earlier. This can be helpful if you want to avoid spending ad dollars on targeting people who won’t be likely to buy your products.

facebook audience targeting

Hopefully you can take advantage of Facebook audience targeting and drive a bunch of highly-targeted traffic to your product listings and get lots of sales! If you want more information about marketing on social media for Amazon, check out our blog here.

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