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CRaP PRoducts

CRaP products, also known as ‘Can’t Realize a Profit,’ are a part of Amazon’s terminology for products that aren’t selling too well. What are these CRaP products that don’t sell well? These items include products that are bulky or heavy and typically are less than $15, these items include water bottles, paper towels, snack foods and so much more.

Amazon wants to stop selling these items because they make more money depending on third-party sellers to sell these items than they do selling CRaP products themselves. They plan to focus on selling more profitable items since these items are often overlooked.  

CRaP products are hard to sell because they are cheap, but they are also heavy, making it expensive to ship and that’s something Amazon does not want to be a part of.

CRaP Products

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So how is Amazon fixing the CRaP products problem?

According to Business Insider Amazon is working with vendors and manufacturers to repackage items to make them more profitable. Some packages being sold on Amazon are being sent to the vendor or manufacturer and being shipped from their warehouse.

You may be thinking, “If they remove their CRaP products, who will fill that void and sell them?” Amazon is depending on third-party sellers to do it. Amazon now dominates Google in product searches according to Retail Dive. which means, instead of searching for a product on Google, people are taking their “Google searches” directly to Amazon and searching for the product there, which leads us to the third-party sellers filling in those slots with their own products, eventually allowing Amazon to drop their CRaP products all together.

Be careful selling CRaP products. You don’t want to be in the same boat as Amazon, selling cheap products but not making much profit because shipping is so expensive.

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