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Contact Seller Support on Amazon: A Quick How-To (Updated for 2019)


As of October 1st, 2018, Amazon is no longer offering Seller Support over the phone. For a step-by-step guide on how to contact Amazon Seller Support through email, please read this blog. We will update this post if phone support becomes available in the future.

When you need to contact Seller Support on Amazon, you likely need help resolving an issue quickly. But how do you go about contacting support when you need it?

Amazon does offer a lot of information on the Seller Support Home page, where sellers can get help with things like canceling a listing, locate a buyer’s shipping address, find out about customer fees, and other basic FAQs. But if you are in need of more specific support or help with with issues on your Amazon account, you’ll need to directly contact Seller Support on Amazon.

It is highly recommended that you address each issue you are having individually when you contact Seller Support on Amazon. If you lump more than one issue together, it is likely that it will result in longer wait times to get your issues resolved because your case will jump from department to department. So it is best that you open a new case for each issue you need help with.

How to Contact Amazon Seller Support by Phone

How to Contact Amazon Seller Support by Email

How to Craft Your Email to Seller Support:

  1. Be specific, it will help get a high-level of support.

  2. Keep on the topic you need help with, and deal with one issue at a time in order to get support from the right department.

  3. Give as much context to the issue as you can and don’t veer from the main point of the issue you need help with.

  4. Use proper sentence structure and grammar to make it easy for support staff to understand how you need help.

  5. Give your own opinion of what might be causing the issue.

Pro Tip: If you find that you aren’t getting the kind of support you need, you can try asking for a Captive Associate. These are second-level support staff members that can help fix bigger, more complicated issues.

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