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Are You Ready To Start Advertising on Amazon?

Advertising on Amazon will help get your products in front of the right people. If you are unfamiliar with what it looks like, here are a couple of examples of ads on Amazon.

According to Amazon’s Advertising site, ‘Advertise with intent, Ad solutions to help you find, attract, and engage millions of Amazon customers at every stage of their journey’.   If you aren’t doing it already, you could be missing out on engaging with millions of people!

There are 3 different sections to advertise in on Amazon. You can advertise by

  1. Using Sponsored Products

  2. Sponsored Brands

  3. Sponsored Stores (Amazon Storefront)

You can also advertise with:

  1. Display ads

  2. Video ads

  3. Custom ads

  4. Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform)

Sponsored Products are like what is shown above, when you search for something it is the first thing to pop up.  Setting up sponsored product ads are easy in 3 steps.

advertising on amazon

Sponsored Brands are ads that feature a custom headline, your logo and up to three products.  Below is an example pulled from Amazon to show where it would go and what it looks like.

advertising on amazon

Sponsored Brands is similar to Sponsored Products but it takes one extra step, submit your ad for review & it will be reviewed in 72 hours.

Sponsored Stores gives you the ability to advertise your brand and product for free by creating your own store, while adding multiple pages.  This can be done in 3 steps as shown below.

advertising on amazon

Display Ads allow you to customize your brand message while promoting your product on and off of Amazon. That means it will be displayed not only on Amazon but Amazon devices, across the Amazon network & on Amazon owned and operated sites. Display ads come with Amazon shopping insights. Video ads are ran sort of the same except you have to contact Amazon & talk to an Ad consultant to get started. Below is where the ads are shown.

advertising on amazon

Custom ads allow users to create ads that are made directly for the customer. Amazon offers Ad consultants to discuss business goals to help you better understand what kind of ad you need. According to Amazon, ‘Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads’. They offer it for Amazon owned sites & apps. Now that you’re up to speed on the different ads on Amazon, it’s important to decide if you’re really ready to start advertising on Amazon or not.

The first, and seemingly obvious, step to take is to check if you are actually eligible to advertise on Amazon or not. In order to advertise on Amazon, “you must have an active professional seller account, be able to ship to all US addresses if you’re advertising on or all CA addresses if you’re advertising on, and have products in one or more of the eligible categories,” according to Amazon.

Next, you’ll need to decide which products you want to advertise. It’s important to focus on advertising products that will help you accomplish your overall business goals. If your products are not winning the Buy Box or run out of stock, your ads won’t display, so choose products that you can keep in stock and that can consistently win the Buy Box.

Amazon suggests auditing your listings to ensure they have the following:

  1. Accurate, descriptive titles

  2. High-quality images

  3. Relevant and useful product information

  4. At least 5 bullet points

  5. Hidden keywords

Having a great product listing is very important in whether or not customers buy your product. Since they cannot interact with your product physically, you need to have all of these components in order to help facilitate the customer’s buying decision and convince them that they HAVE to have your product!

Once you’ve got your product listings ready, you can start advertising! Amazon offers multiple advertising options, like Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands (previously called Headline Search Ads). Sponsored Products is the best and easiest way to get started, according to Amazon.

You can promote individual product listings to customers in their search results by targeting keywords. Your ad will show in search results and on product detail pages across both desktop and mobile devices. You will only be charged when your ad is clicked and you get to set how much you’re willing to spend.

There are two options for targeting: automatic and manual. Amazon recommends using a combination of the two in order to discover keywords that generate clicks and sales, as well as optimize your ad spend.If you want more in-depth explanation on how to get started advertising your products on Amazon, check out Amazon’s new advertiser success guide!

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