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Amazon Keyword Sourcing

Amazon keyword sourcing is something you won’t want to overlook if you want to stay on top of your competition. You want to source Amazon keywords for your Amazon product listings that have a high search volume, low competition and are relevant to your product.

Plan for Success

Successful sellers know that Amazon keyword sourcing and research is the foundation of high-converting product listings. You’ll want to dedicate time to finding as many keywords for your product listings as possible to continually increase the visibility of your products.

Long-tail Keywords

A lot of sellers mistakenly think that Amazon’s algorithm functions the same way that Google does. In order to do the best Amazon keyword sourcing you can, you’ll want to have a good understanding of how Amazon’s A9 algorithm works.

Long-tail keywords are an excellent way to get your products ranked higher in Amazon searches and improve your overall sales. Most long-tail keywords don’t have a lot of competition, so they are easier and more profitable to target. You can utilize Amazon auto-suggested within your product listings to capture more search volume and buying potential.

Use the Information on Hand

A good, easy example of Amazon keyword sourcing is doing a little competitive analysis. Research the keywords your best competitors are using. You’ll hopefully start to understand why they are outranking and outselling your products by understanding their keyword strategies.

If you’ve run Amazon Sponsored Product Listings, you can generate a Search Term Report to see what customers are searching to find and buy your products. You can generate this report through your Seller Center account under the ‘Reports’ tab by selecting ‘Advertising Reports.’

Customer Search Terms

In this report, you can see the ‘Customer Search Term,’ ‘Match Type,’ and other metrics to help you determine which keywords are performing well. Using these keywords, you can research related keywords that will hopefully also help drive sales.

Keyword Research Tools

Using different tools to identify related keywords to these high-performing keywords is one of the easiest, fastest ways to do Amazon keyword sourcing. Tools like Google Keyword Planner or are free to use and provide you with a list of keywords to choose from to build out your keyword list. Screenshot 1 offers multiple platforms to choose from, and you guessed it, Amazon is one of them. This is important because it identifies keywords specifically for Amazon, rather than keywords for other platforms that might not perform as well on Amazon. You can pick and choose which of these keywords from the list you think are the best and most relevant for your product. Screenshot 2

Another easy, free way to do some Amazon keyword sourcing is using Amazon suggested search. This simply entails typing in your product, tub spout in this example, and seeing what suggestions Amazon gives you.

Finding Keywords with Auto-Complete

Here are a couple other tools for your Amazon keyword sourcing and research:

Keyword Tool Dominator for Amazon – free to use for up to three searches per day, but you can also purchase full-access if you want more searches. This tool is great for long-tail keyword research.

Scientific Seller – prides itself on being ‘the world’s slowest keyword tool.’ If it looks like it’s stalled or stopped working after finding a few hundred keywords, don’t worry, it’s not broken. It’s just searching further to find more keywords.

Amazon keyword sourcing is something you shouldn’t neglect, as it can give you a competitive edge if you keep your product listings optimized with the best-performing keywords that continually drive sales. Using tools can be the fastest, easiest way to do your Amazon keyword sourcing. If you’d like to see a list of other keyword tools, as well as other tools that are helpful for Amazon Sellers, check out this free eBook. By the way, all the tools on this list are FREE!

Keyword discovery is something Sellozo’s platform does well through automated Amazon PPC. Our platform uses machine-learning and automation to keep your Amazon Sponsored Product Listings optimized for the best-performing keywords and the lowest ACoS possible. If you want to how the magic of our platform can benefit your Amazon ads, schedule a one-on-one appointment to learn more about how our platform works by clicking here.

Try Sellozo!

Sellozo offers a simple, powerful platform that makes it easy to manage and optimize your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads and – thanks to machine-learning – programmatically alters bids to help your ads beat out the competition.

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