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Amazon Keyword Research

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Amazon keyword research, one of the most important topics in the seller’s world. Why is it one of the most important? Because keywords are what help your product reach the right customers, while also putting your listing in the right category. Keyword research can be tricky but by following this simple guide, it will make it a whole lot easier.

Amazon Keyword Research: What Are Keywords?

Keywords like those mentioned above are what put your product or listing in front of the right people. Below is an example from Jungle Scout on where they go and what they look like.

Amazon allows 5 lines of keywords and approximately 50 characters per line.

amazon keyword research

Amazon Keyword Research: How To Find The Right Keywords

Firstly, Sellozo offers Automated Keyword Discovery, you can try by signing up here.

But there are also different ways to perform Amazon keyword research. Think about your product and any kind of words that are related to it. Let’s look at a product, we’ll use ‘Toothbrush’.

For more information on using Amazon keywords with high search volume, low competition and relavancy to your product listings, click here to read our blog post.

Google Trends is great for looking at keywords because it will show the top and rising related words. By clicking on the graph below you will be able to see the many options that are presented when you search the keyword “toothbrush.” (Data will change with time)

Amazon Keyword Research: Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are a longer and are specific to a topic. It is usually used when shoppers are closer to the end of their search, or if they know exactly what they are searching for, the keywords become more specific.  For the example toothbrush, let’s say someone found a couple to choose from but now they need a specific type. A long end keyword would we “hard bristle toothbrush” or “natural bamboo toothbrush”. They are still using the keyword toothbrush, but they are also using other terms to find exactly what they want.

Wordstream offers a free keyword tool. But some of the features are limited. Keyword tools will usually always have you pay for some type of service and limit some features.

Amazon Keyword Research: Amazon’s Search Bar

This is an easy, free & effective way to look for words that are similar to your product. By simply typing in your keyword into the search bar of Amazon (Google also) you can find what people are looking for.

amazon keyword research

These words are words you can use in your keyword research. You can also plug in your long tail keywords to see what pops up and use some of those terms as well.

amazon keyword research

Not only should you put the keywords in the description, you should also add them to the title as well. This is the first thing people see before they click on your product. If it doesn’t have what they are looking for they won’t click on it, if they don’t click on it they won’t see that your product does match what they are looking for because you listed the keywords in the description and not the title as well.

Here is an example of a listing where they put the most important information in  the title and the description:

amazon keyword research

Finding the right keywords takes trial and error, so don’t give up if you find out one keyword isn’t working for you! Chances are you need to do a little more research. Good luck & hope you match as many as you can!

Keyword Optimization with Sellozo!

Sellozo’s Ad Automation tool makes it easy for Amazon Sellers to find the right keywords to target your advertising. A combination of automated keyword discovery and harvesting, combined with negative keywords and phrases, helps to ensure your ads are optimized.

For more research tips, check out our latest blog post on Researching Your Amazon Competitors.


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