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Why are Product Rankings on Amazon Important?

The Importance of High Product Rankings

How your products rank when selling on Amazon can make or break your selling business. Researchers have found that 96-97% of customers only look to purchase from products on the first or second page of Amazon. Within Amazon’s product rankings algorithm, A9, products that sell more rank higher. But doesn’t it seem confusing that in order to sell more you have to rank higher and in order to rank higher you have to sell more? Many sellers find this extremely frustrating and exceedingly difficult to figure out.

Where your product ranks directly affect the number of sales you may make on a given day. One Click Retail estimates that only 30% of all shoppers look past the first page, which means your chances of making a sale drop exponentially if your product is listed anywhere after the first page. This is why product rankings are so important to your selling business.

What Impacts Product Ranking?

Since product reviews and ratings greatly impact your likelihood of attracting customers and positively influencing their purchasing decisions, it also has an impact on your how high your product rankings are. But Amazon’s A9 also looks at other aspects to determine your product rankings. To help improve your reviews and ratings, make sure you are addressing negative reviews as soon as possible and offer to replace defective items free of charge and encourage customers to update their reviews once they’ve received the new product. If you receive questions on your listings, be sure to answer them quickly and thoroughly. This will help future customers who might have the same questions and save them the hassle of having to search for the answer.

Click-through rates, or CTR, is one of those aspects. CTR refers to how often customers are clicking on your product listing from search results pages, Amazon’s system will look at your CTR and if your listing is not already highly ranked but has a very high CTR and meets the other factors of what the customer is looking for based on their search parameters, it will display your product to the first page. This plays a huge role in deciding your overall product rankings and is tracked very closely by Amazon’s system.

Along with CTR, conversion rates are also considered to help decide product rankings. Conversion rates that are low, especially if people are clicking on your listing at a high rate but not purchasing/converting then that is a big red flag to Amazon’s system. The best way to avoid this kind of problem as a seller is to take full advantage of the product features and description sections to give the customer all the information they need to know about your product, and to also anticipate the questions they might have about your product and answer them in those sections. Using bullet points in your product listings will help you give the customer the highlights of your product in an easy-to-read list and can really help boost your conversion rates.

Your product listing titles should be keyword optimized, based on what customers are searching for in order to find products like yours. You can use a tool to search for relevant keywords for your titles, or you do the searches manually on Amazon. Just start typing the keyword in the search box on Amazon and see what autocomplete suggestions come up. Because most customers use these suggestions when searching, it is in your best interest to optimize your product listing titles to include these keywords as best as you can. You should also utilize back-end search terms in order to optimize your product listings.

Product rankings can be tricky to figure out at first. But if you know the things to focus on that all help boost your rankings, you can help greatly increase your product’s chances of being ranked highly in searches. If you have questions regarding how to boost your product rankings, you can reach out to our knowledgeable Product Specialists at

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