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What is Unit Session Percentage?

Unit session percentage is the ratio of the number of units you’ve sold on an ASIN in a timeframe. To put it in simpler terms, it represents how many people came to your page and how many times they viewed your listing.

This information is important to sellers because it’ll let you know what products are getting good traffic versus the products that have a severely low unit session percentage. This information will help you determine where to put your money and which listing to optimize the most.

Here is an excerpt from Jungle Scout that explains it with numbers:

unit session percentage

What is the difference between page view and session?

A page view is exactly what it sounds like, it is how many times someone has viewed your page for a particular item. A session is how many times a person views your page/product for a certain time period. A customer could view your page/listing multiple times within a single time period.

How to improve your unit session percentage

If you are looking to improve this percentage, then you can start looking at advertising for your products. In Seller Central, there is an advertising tab that allows you to click on promotions.

unit session percentage

Promotions allow you to gain more customers while also helping your unit session percentage at the same time. The unit session percentage is a great way for you to figure out what product is doing the worst. Let’s say you are selling 5 products and 2 of them have a very low unit session percentage. This number is telling you that people are viewing your products but they are not buying them. You could get people to buy it by either:

  1. Giving a discount

  2. BOGO (buy one get one)

  3. Doing a giveaway

  4. Free Shipping (if FBM)

  5. Product Bundling

The unit session percentage is important for sellers in determining which products are doing well vs the ones who are not selling at all. Pay close attention to this number if you are trying to sell new products because it will let you know right away before you purchase more items to sell.

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