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Top 5 Reasons Why Sellers Hire an Amazon Agency

In this post, I was excited to collaborate with Keith O’brien from Page.One, on the top reasons why Amazon Sellers choose to work with an Amazon agency to help grow their business.

As an Amazon Seller, there is so much to do in order to keep your business running efficiently. While it certainly can be a great learning experience and often very rewarding to run everything on your own, many sellers are finding a lot of value in hiring an Amazon agency to run all or part of their business with them.

Amazon agencies are essentially marketing agencies that help with things like running your advertising on Amazon, optimizing your product listings, product photography, enhanced brand and A+ content or launching new products.

An Amazon agency works on both a fee for service model, whereas you will pay a fixed rate for a fixed service, such as listing optimization. Others work on a percentage of ad spend or a percentage of revenue (mostly full-service management agencies). Some sellers may be hesitant to give control of their selling account to someone else or share in some of the profits of their business with the Amazon agency, but many sellers have found fantastic long-term relationships with agencies for the for one or more of the following reasons. 1. You Are Feeling Overwhelmed To Keep Up With The Business

Too many things to do and too little time to get them done. There are always more ways to spend your time in growing an Amazon business and stress levels can definitely be elevated for new or even seasoned business owners. An Amazon agency can help alleviate some of this by taking over various tasks you need help with.

2. Your Business Growth Has Plateaued

You’ve grown your business to $2 million a year, but now you feel you are stuck. You’re not sure what to do next and while revenue is staying steady, it’s not growing like it used to. By optimizing your product listings, helping with product photography, or launching new products, an Amazon agency can help get you out of the plateau and start growing again.

3. You Absolutely Hate Some Parts Of The Business

Some love the data of PPC, other people would rather do almost anything than trying to analyze keyword data to optimize ad campaigns. Pick your passion and outsource your poison. Everyone has different strengths, and an Amazon agency can help fill the gaps in your business by providing experts where you need help the most.

4. You Want To Minimize Fixed Costs Or Employees

Many entrepreneurs want to stay nimble with as few fixed costs, including employees, as possible. Outsourcing to an Amazon agency generally allows you to have flexible billing that increases with revenue, avoiding costly employees if there is a dip. 

5. You Want To Bring In A Team Of High-Level Professionals To Help Scale

Most people can’t be great at everything unless they focus on it 100% of the time. Working with an Amazon agency allows you to tap into high-level experts in their disciplines for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to hire them full time for your company.

“Clients hire us for a variety of reasons – photography, listing optimization and ad management – but overall, most clients want to ease their workload while tapping into our collective experience of having worked on so many different projects with great results.”

Keith O’Brien, CEO, Page.One

Keith O'brien

Some sellers may feel that the cost of hiring an Amazon agency isn’t worth it and they’d rather do everything themselves. While that’s certainly a valid argument, and every seller has different needs and goals, agencies can be extremely helpful and cost-effective if they are able to help increase your sales and profitability.

“When managing PPC for clients, in most cases, we’ve been able to either increase sales or decrease costs (or a combination of both) to pay for our fees within 90 days…often faster. At that point, it’s 100% upside for the client,” says O’Brien.

Rather than relying on an endless amount of apps and tools to run your Amazon selling business, agencies offer sellers the ability to work with actual humans who have experience with the Amazon ecosphere while eliminating much of the manual work for the seller themselves. This allows sellers the ability to focus on tasks they need to handle like sourcing new products, inventory management, planning for the holiday season, etc.

Having access to these experts in selling on Amazon can be a huge game changer, especially for sellers who don’t have access to other experienced sellers to get advice from. An Amazon agency can help strategize, make recommendations on how to improve your product listings, and even brainstorm ways to advertise your products on other platforms outside of Amazon (many agencies can help implement and manage these strategies as well).

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