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The Recap: News for Amazon Sellers | Edition 7

Amazon News for Sellers: Celebrate! It's time for The Recap: News for Amazon Sellers! 

JULY 2, 2020 | EDITION 7


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Happy Thursday, Sellers!

Well, where do we start? We'll start with the good and bad news? Maybe... So, bad news news first: Amazon has delayed Prime Day until October, but - here's the good news - they've set a placeholder date for the week of October 5th, 2020. If this date sticks, followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Q4 could be an amazing quarter for Amazon sellers!

More good news for some sellers: Do you sell office supplies, furniture, desk supplies, etc? You might see more sales in the near future. The Government Services Administration has entered into a three year agreement with Amazon and others to buy through a dedicated channel. So now, even the Federal government can take advantage of Amazon's convenience, great prices, and wide range of options.

Next, let's jump into a cautionary tale. Of course we all want to make money - often as much as possible when selling on Amazon and elsewhere, but be careful, Sellers: In the state of Pennsylvania, and likely elsewhere, there's a little-known Price Gouging Act. In PA, it's actually illegal to raise your prices more than 20 percent during a declared state of emergency. Earlier this week, an Amazon Seller was found guilty of price gouging and fined $14,000 in court costs, attorney fees, and restitution to buyers for hiking the cost of a 12 oz. bottle of Purell hand sanitizer up to $39.00. Consumers who purchased from Goods And More will be refunded. 

And, finally, some great news for Amazon's front-line employees: Amazon announced earlier this week that they will be thanking those workers with a bonus for their work in June. Over $500 million will be distributed to a range of employees from Flex drivers, to Whole Foods, to warehouse staff. Those employees will see a bonus from $150 to $3,000. 

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We're going to explore the best browser tools for Amazon Sellers: what works, what doesn't, and how to always make the most of your time online for your business.


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After three years and around $100 million, Microsoft announced it was shutting down Mixer, its videogame streaming service, last week.


There are a number of ways to watch movies with friends and still follow social distancing recommendations. Here's how to enjoy some togetherness, while remaining apart on Amazon, Netflix and other platforms... and just in time for the latest list of what to watch in July or, if you prefer, you can watch Mad Men on Amazon in the near future.


In a rare move, Amazon has unreleased it's big budget, free-to-play, first person action shooter game after a less than stellar launch. They're putting it back into closed beta to make improvements and fixes.


The CEOs of four tech giants have agreed to testify before Congress in late July on antitrust issues. All four companies are the subject of investigations by the DOJ and FTC in their business practices and the massive influence they wield over the economy and tech industry.




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