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The Amazon FBA Calculator

What is the Amazon FBA Calculator?

The Amazon FBA calculator is a calculator that allows you to calculate the fees for FBA vs FBM or other methods. This calculator can help determine how much Amazon is going to keep, your profit, FBA storage fees, the cost of shipping and much more. Not only does the calculator do the math for you, it will tell you if your numbers seem off resulting in profit loss. Amazon will let you know if it looks out of place, potentially helping you with a mistake you could have missed or telling you the product you bought cost more than what you will receive. Below is an example of what the calculator looks like.

Amazon FBA calculator

The picture below is what it will look like if you have numbers in the wrong place. A great thing about the FBA calculator is that it will let you know exactly what seems off. As you can see pictured below, Amazon is letting us know that our pricing seems off and we are losing too much money on shipping as well as the net profit.

Amazon FBA calculator

How is FBA Fee Calculated with the Amazon FBA Calculator?

The FBA fee is calculated by the type of item, the weight of the item, item dimensions and if the seller is professional or individual. You can refer to this page to see the percentage that Amazon gets to keep from each specific item.

When Is the Best Time to Use the FBA Calculator?

When searching for new products it’s best to use the FBA calculator because it will help you determine if the product is really worth selling. Sometimes you can run into a product and it could cost you more in the long run.

Another time you should be using the FBA calculator is when you are trying to determine if it’ll be easier for you to ship the items yourself or if you should ship them to the Amazon warehouse. Heavier things tend to cost more at Amazon. For example if you wanted to ship something that is about 49/50 lbs, the FBA fee could be around $79! You would know that when you plug in the product and how much it’ll cost you to ship to Amazon. It’ll give you that information right away. By gaining this information from the FBA calculator, this is telling you that this item is something you probably don’t want to ship to Amazon, but instead ship it out yourself, or trash the item and try something new.

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