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Selling Travel Accessories on Amazon

Travel Accessories are popular products being sold on Amazon. You can sell them by dropshipping, retail arbitrage and even private or white labeling. The reason travel accessories are a great product to sell is because the category is so broad.

travel accessories

Examples of Travel Accessories

  1. Suitcases

  2. Carry On Bags

  3. Travel Cubes

  4. Shoe Holders

  5. Makeup Bags

  6. Liquid Storage Sets

  7. Footrests

  8. Travel Bottles

  9. Neck Pillows

  10. Travel Adapters

  11. Luggage Locks

  12. And more!

Although traveling accessories is a great category to sell in, you have to learn how to make yourself stand out from everyone else. What is going to make someone choose your travel duffle bag compared to the other 500+ that are listed? Like always, you need to take some notes on your competitors, read the negative reviews, figure out what they’re doing wrong.

For example, after looking at a travel duffle bag on Amazon, there were a couple of negative reviews that complain about the same problem. This duffle bag seems to not be water-resistant, which is extremely important for those traveling.

travel accessories

This is something you could add to your product notes when sourcing for a supplier. While searching for a supplier, make sure to mention this at the beginning since this is going to be your selling point.

Another thing you could do, is look for specific items to sell in this category, things that are different and stand out. For example when looking on Amazon, there has been an increase in ‘anti-theft’ items. Take a look below at some trending search queries.

travel accessories

You could specifically start selling items that fit this category. Right now there are less than 3 thousand items on Amazon that fit in this category. 

When looking for suppliers you could visit websites like This website allows you to search for suppliers usually within the US. You can filter by suppliers, products, CAD models, diverse suppliers and insights. You can also use websites like where you can find thousands of suppliers. A couple of things about Alibaba is to make sure you are looking for suppliers who are Trade Assured and they are also a Verified Supplier. This will ensure that you are buying from a legit business. Trade assurance is coverage from Alibaba if you have problems with your supplier so it’s best to search with this filter on. For more information on finding the right supplier, click here.

Here is a short list of a couple of suppliers I found on Thomasnet that sell travel accessories:

Tip: When you search for travel accessories on Alibaba, there will be hundreds of products, take your time and look at the products thoroughly while also making sure they have a good response rate. You want your supplier to be extremely professional, a bad supplier can crush your entire business.

One last thing you could do is type in “Best selling travel items on Amazon” to see what products are doing the best. Amazon let’s you know by awarding sellers the ‘Amazon’s choice’ and ‘#1 seller’ badge, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little extra research on your own. Say you come across a blog that talks about the best travel accessories for iPhone users, you could read over it, take notes and come up with similar items for Android users. 

Also, many articles will write about products that they’ve used from Amazon while also talking about items they wish were on Amazon, this is also a place where you can take notes on products that customers want.

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