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Selling Tea on Amazon

Updated: May 1, 2023

Before we get into selling tea on Amazon, let’s get into some of the requirements. 

selling tea on amazon

To be able to sell tea on Amazon, you have to be approved to sell in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category of Amazon. You have to meet the following requirements: 

  1. An order defect rate: <1%

  2. Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: <2.5% 

  3. Late shipment rate: <4%

Below are screenshots from Amazon’s website for product requirements for selling tea on Amazon:

selling tea on amazon

Now it may seem like a lot to do, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to selling products that people digest. Even though some of these requirements don’t apply to tea, you still need to be approved through Amazon since tea is part of this category. 

There are two different ways you can go about selling tea on Amazon: private label or from a manufacturer. If you are going to sell from a manufacturer, there are different requirements. Check it out below.

selling tea on amazon

After looking over your metrics, Amazon will also ask you for three commercial invoices. This will come directly from your supplier, covering a ninety day period indicating you have purchased product from this supplier in each of the last three months according to a private label website, If by any chance you mess up this step, it could delay the process and could take twice as long to get started. Make sure you have all of the correct information before sending anything off to Amazon. 

After approval, you are allowed to sell in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category! Now that you are approved you can create your listing. When creating your listing, you want to make sure you are optimizing your product listing title and description. You also want to make sure your product photos are high quality. For tips on optimizing your product title and description, you can read our blog posts on SEO and optimization below. 

Below are a few suppliers that supply tea products along with private label customization. Check them out! 

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