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Selling Globally on Amazon

Selling globally on Amazon allows you to provide your products to millions of people around the world. By doing this you are not only spreading brand awareness in the US  but also to hundreds of other countries. Keep in mind that selling globally means you have to make sure you are always prepared while also having products on the way to you or FBA at all times. By selling in different areas, you want to make sure you abide by the rules of each country. Not every country is the same and some products that may be allowed in the US may not be allowed in other places.

Amazon is available in these areas around the world:

selling globally on amazon

Amazon also mentions that “There may be limitations on where and whether Amazon Marketplace sellers offer international shipping. Your packages may be subjects to the customer fees and import duties of the country to which your order ships.”

To be able to sell in the categories, you have to register for a selling account in the region you plan on selling it. Once you do that, you get access to selling in the countries that are related to the seller account you registered for. For example, if you register an account in Africa and Middle East, your products could be sold in Jordan, Israel, Mayotte, Zimbabwe etc.

You may be wondering, how do I get paid if I sell items in different countries? Easy, Amazon has its own currency converter called ACCS (Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers).

If your bank is located in the country or region of the Amazon marketplace you are selling on, follow these steps according to Amazon:

  1. In the settings menu, select account info

  2. In the deposit method section, click edit

  3. In the deposit method details pop up, click edit in the section for the marketplace you want to change

  4. Select use a new bank account

  5. Select the country or region of your bank account from the drop-down menu next to bank location

  6. Fill in the requested bank account information. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers Agreement, then click the check box to confirm that you have done so

  7. Click submit

The payments do not take longer to deposit if it’s being converted. The first payment after setup however, might be delayed for 14 days. There is an exchange rate and you can check that out by clicking View Exchange Rate button on the Payment Summary page.

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When setting up your account, it is always best to go the brand registry route. This will ensure you that your brand will be protected by Amazon. Having your products in brand registry gives you these benefits:

  1. It helps increase sales

  2. It helps protect your brand

  3. Allows complete control over your brand

  4. Trademarks your products

  5. Sets you apart from competitors

  6. Prevents product hijacking

One of the most important benefits is the Amazon Brand Registry helps prevent product hijacking. Some sellers on Amazon, all over, search for products that are doing well and produce a generic copycat product while also lowering the price, crashing the buy box for everyone. To prevent this, this is where brand registry comes in handy. You can easily get the listing removed by talking to Amazon and proving that you use Amazon Brand Registry.

Selling globally on Amazon will help your brand tremendously. Remember to stay on top of orders while also keeping track of your seller metrics under each account. It may be more work, but it will also give you the best results in the end!

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