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Selling Athletic Wear on Amazon

Athletic wear is one of the top trending products to sell on Amazon. It’s a product that can be used no matter what time of the year it is and by any and everyone. Selling athletic wear on Amazon is great because there are so many different categories to choose from. You can sell:

  1. Athletic socks

  2. Shorts

  3. Pants

  4. Shirts

  5. Bras

  6. Undergarments

  7. Athletic accessories

  8. Jackets

  9. Skirts

  10. Shoes

  11. Headwear

And so much more. The possibilities are endless. When selling athletic wear on Amazon, you want to make sure you include the following in your listing and product images:

  1. Have a size chart ready, in your product photos

  2. Upload photos of the clothing from every angle

  3. Point out product features using graphics

  4. Up close and far shots of the clothing

  5. Short 3-7 second video showing the models movement with the clothes on

When looking for vendors for athletic wear you want to make sure you find someone who is reliable and has a good transactional rate. You can revisit our blog How to find the right supplier to learn more about finding the right suppliers on Alibaba, which is one of the most popular websites when looking for products to sell on Amazon.

Another site to find suppliers and manufacturers is This website will help you find suppliers for athletic wear within the US from all over. By simply typing in ‘Athletic clothing’ you’ll get 7+ pages of different suppliers and manufacturers. You can find any of the products mentioned above, while also narrowing your search by using the filters on the side bar.

When selling athletic wear on Amazon, you want to figure out if you are going to private label, screen print or use dropshipping. By doing this, it will help you determine what kind of supplier or manufacturer you need. Just remember that if you decide to private label, you will need to save up and be ready to spend weeks going back and forth with the supplier to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. For more information on Private Labeling, you can download our 40+ page step-by-step eBook guide for private labeling here. This eBook is extremely detailed for everything you need! Good luck.

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