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Selling Art on Amazon

As an artist, you may be looking for new ways to get your art in front of the right people. But it can be hard to find the right audience. One way to get your art in front of millions of customers is by selling art on Amazon.

selling art on amazon

Amazon has millions of customers viewing their website everyday and buying art on Amazon is becoming more popular. 

There are many different categories including:

  1. Oil 

  2. Acrylic

  3. Water color

  4. Lithographs

  5. Archival digital 

  6. Landscape

  7. Floral

  8. Animals

  9. Maps 

  10. By width and height 

  11. Color 

And so much more. 

Amazon is a great place to sell your artwork, not only because of the amount of people who visit the site everyday but you get great perks like being able to sell your items and make them eligible for Amazon Prime. In this case, it makes it even easier for sellers looking into selling art on Amazon because most of the time, any issues that arise when you are on Prime, go directly to Amazon.

But there are a couple of ways you can go about selling art on Amazon. You can sell it through the handmade section or you can sell it under the fine art section. If you choose to sell it through the fine art section, there are a couple of things that are prohibited. There are certain things that are not supported by this category. Below is a screenshot from the Amazon webpage, discussing prohibited items. 

If you have any further questions about your artwork being accepted into the fine art category, it is best to contact seller support to get a clear answer. 

selling art on amazon

The other option is selling art on Amazon through handmade. Handmade at Amazon is a special storefront within the Amazon ecosystem that allows artisans to sell their handcrafted goods. If you sell your artwork through handmade, you have to sign up for a professional selling account. The professional selling account is $39.99/month, but this amount is waived. Instead Amazon will deduct a 15% referral fee. 

Another great thing about selling art on Amazon Handmade is that you get to create your own free shop and it comes with a custom URL. Amazon Handmade is also available to those with Prime memberships. So if your product is something that can be sent to the warehouse, it can be shipped the same day the customer orders it!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then you should definitely check out the Amazon Handmade website where you can apply to see if you will get accepted! Good luck artists.

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