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Seed Keywords for Amazon

Seed keywords are also known as the main keywords. These keywords tend to be one or two words. Seed keywords are relevant words that relate to your business. You may be wondering, “how do you find these keywords?” Well, it’s simple.

According to pageonepower, there are a few sources to identify seed keywords:

  1. Terms directly associated with your products or services

  2. Terms used by your audience

  3. Related search terms found in Google

  4. Current ranking pages and content

  5. Competitor keywords

These are basic terms that make up your business or product. For example, let’s say you sell baby products. Some basic words you can start off with are:

  1. Baby wipes

  2. Baby diapers

  3. Baby clothing

  4. Baby food

  5. Baby mittens

  6. Baby socks

And so on. Seed keywords are what you start off with to get to long-tail keywords. They are the starting place to finding what’s right for your business.  

If you are having trouble knowing where to start, you can type in one keyword into the search bar on Google or Amazon and create seed keywords from what shows up after you type in that keyword. View the picture below to see exactly what I mean.

seed keywords

These are keywords you can use to see what relates to your product, along with what is also trending in the category you are searching in.

Another way to find seed keywords is to pay attention to what your customers are searching for. You can do this by looking at questions they have about your existing similar products, comments on blogs that pertain to your items, social media, online communities like Reddit, etc.

To make seed keyword research easy, remember to create a seed list. That involves:

  1. Start with terms directly associated with your brand

  2. Research terms used by your audience

  3. Check google’s related searches

  4. Examine ranking keywords

  5. Analyze competitor keywords

Seed keywords are how you find out how to properly market your product. Finding seed keywords may sound hard, but just remember that it will lead you to a long tail keyword, that will specify your product. Finding a really good one can put you at the top of a search result if you do it right.

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