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Retail Arbitrage at the Dollar Tree

If you’ve been reading our blogs consistently, you know that we cover retail arbitrage quite a bit. But today we are going to look at things a little differently. Let’s get into retail arbitrage at the Dollar Tree. 

retail arbitrage at the dollar tree

Retail arbitrage is a way for sellers to find cheap items and resell them on Amazon for a higher price, but the products they find have to be worth the process. When looking for items to sell on Amazon in a store like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General, you need to be cautious on what you check out. Discount stores typically sell items that are knock offs of other brands. These items may not do well on Amazon because they have no kind of history of being sold online which means your product won’t sell well on the Amazon platform and you can also be reported for knocking off a brand.  

Instead of trying to sell every cheap item you find in the store, try focusing on things that you know are already ranking well or will always be a necessity for customers. For example you could try to sell household items including kitchen wash cloths, sponges, scrubber brushes, etc. You could also look into the glassware area. There is a ton of glassware including candle holders, mason jars, etc. that could be great options for looking to do retail arbitrage at the Dollar Tree.

One thing to think about when sourcing for retail arbitrage at the Dollar Tree is bundling items. Instead of trying to sell one item at a time, try combining products and selling them in a bundle. When doing so, you want to determine if you are using mixed bundling or pure product bundling while also making sure the products compliment each other. “Pure bundling” refers to the selling of two or more products only as part of a bundle, whereas “mixed bundling” refers to selling products as a bundle and also individually. This is a tactic many sellers use to do retail arbitrage at the Dollar Tree and make a decent profit.

If you are sourcing for the kitchen items, you could think about selling a bundle with:

  1. Dishwashing soap

  2. Kitchen gloves

  3. Kitchen sponges 

You can switch it up however you want, but this is to give you some ideas! 

Another thing to keep in mind when sourcing for items for retail arbitrage at the Dollar Tree is to look up the product ranking before purchasing. You may come across an item that you think will sell well because no one has listed it, but that may be the problem. If it’s not listed then there is a chance that it is not needed so it’s best to double check the product ranking before purchases.  

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