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Restricted Items on Amazon

Why are there Restricted Items on Amazon?

There are several reasons why there are specific restricted items on Amazon: it could be based on the manufacturer of the product, a brand is sold exclusively elsewhere, the items could be stolen and put on Amazon for resale and/or the items could simply be knockoffs or counterfeit.

Many companies ranging from Lego, AVON, Panasonic, Nars, Playtex, Uggs and many more are on the Amazon restricted list. Although these brands are on the restricted items on Amazon list, some brands require you to get permission straight from the manufacturer because the product is heavily counterfeited. For more information on each category click here.

restricted items on amazon

The restricted items on Amazon list can get tricky. If you end up finding a product you are able to sell and it is not on the restricted list, you have to make sure it is not on the FBA restricted list as well. Some products are available for sale on Amazon but cannot be stored in their warehouses. According to Amazon’s FBA prohibited products article, it is the seller’s responsibility to know whether or not the product is regulated for the warehouse. If you end up sending a product that is restricted, Amazon may dispose of your product without reimbursement. Amazon takes hazardous materials seriously: “failure to comply will result in refusal, disposal, or return of inventory, the blocking of future shipments, or an additional charge for additional preparation or no compliance.”

To read the full FBA prohibited products page, check it out here.

How To Get Approval for Restricted Items on Amazon

As mentioned earlier, restricted items on Amazon require approval in order to be sold. You can submit a request to Amazon to gain approval for selling those restricted items. Another requirement for selling restricted items on Amazon or selling a product that requires approval, is they require you to upgrade to a Professional Selling plan with a monthly subscription fee.

To request approval to sell restricted items on Amazon, you must follow these steps:

  1. From the inventory menu select Add a Product

  2. Search for the item you want to sell

  3. In the search results, click the listing limitations apply link next to the item

  4. Click the request approval button to begin the application process.

What To Do If Your Account Gets Suspended For A Restricted Items on Amazon

So you listed a product and checked it a couple hours later and realized it’s restricted! What can you do?

You want to start off by removing the listing if you can and end all shipments or orders you have of the product. By doing this, you are saving yourself the trouble of receiving the restricted product and worrying about how you are going to sell it. You are also saving the product from reaching the warehouse and Amazon potentially keeping it without reimbursement.

The next step would be to write your own appeal. Do not copy it from someone else, it is best to come up with it yourself and put it in your own words.  

Read over threads and posts on Amazon Seller Central to get a feel for what the process is like and to learn from other’s mistakes when writing the appeal.

Check out this thread on Amazon Seller Central. Their template has worked for over 60 sellers who got their account suspended.

After finishing your appeal, send it off to Amazon for review. You will typically get a response from Amazon within 48 hours after you submit your appeal. After that, you are waiting to hear back about whether or not they will reactivate your account or not.

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