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Restricted Brands on Amazon

Restricted brands on Amazon are growing in number as more companies aim to maintain control of their products. Sellers who (knowingly or unknowingly) attempt to sell these brands’ products on Amazon can find themselves in all kinds of trouble, ranging from having their selling accounts suspended temporarily or permanently to facing legal action.

It is worth noting that the restrictions for some brands may vary by country. Lego, for example, is gated for sellers in the US but not in the UK. So, you may be able to sell some products by restricted brands on Amazon in some countries, just make sure you double check before listing them.

But why does Amazon allow certain companies to restrict their items from being sold on the marketplace? The simple answer is that Amazon wants to provide a place where customers can shop with confidence, knowing that the products they are buying are authentic. Since counterfeiting has been on the rise, Amazon is trying to limit the problem by limiting certain brands.

Restricted brands on Amazon may also want to preserve the perceived value of their branded items, and by having them sold on Amazon they feel it would potentially decrease that perceived value. Another reason is that the brand has chosen to sell their items exclusively elsewhere.

While there is no official list of restricted brands on Amazon, there are some lists that have been put together to help the Amazon selling community. Our friends, The Selling Family, have an easy-to-follow list you can view here. The Selling Guys have also compiled a list that is worth reading.

Just because these brands may be restricted on Amazon, that doesn’t mean you cannot sell them at all. For some restricted brands on Amazon, you may be able to work as a wholesaler or distributor in order to get prior approval. By going through the proper channels and working with the brands instead of trying to list them without approval, you will avoid the chances of facing legal action from the brand or losing your ability to sell on Amazon.

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