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Responding to Negative Reviews on Amazon

Sellers will run into a negative review sometime during their selling experience on Amazon. Some sellers may think that not responding will resolve the problem because they simply don’t know what to say but that will only make things worse. No matter how bad the review is, you should try to figure out a way to make things better for the customer. Negative reviews can impact your order defect rate on Amazon and most sellers know when your rate drops below Amazon’s standard, you could possibly get your account suspended. 

How Do I Respond to a Negative Review?

When responding to customers you do not want to blame them or come up with excuses in your reply. This makes your business look extremely unprofessional. Instead, apologize and explain how you can fix the problem. You also want to avoid saying something that the buyer will take the wrong way. A lot of the times, sellers who don’t know how to respond to customers tend to say things like “well it’s technically not my problem” or explaining to the customer how it’s weird that they had that experience since that’s never happened to anyone else before, which can be viewed as blaming the buyer for the issue they’re having. Your choice of words is extremely important, so be careful with what you say and how you say it. The customer is not always right, but they shouldn’t be told that. You can read more about dealing with difficult customers here.     

Can I Remove A Negative Review? 

The only way you are able to get a negative review removed is if it has nothing to do with the product. If someone leaves a negative review and it has to do with the way the box came or if it got delivered to the wrong address and you use FBA, then it is Amazon’s fault and not yours. So you can easily contact Amazon and let them know why the review needs to be removed. If it goes against Amazon’s ToS, then it will get removed, no questions asked. 

Negative Review Template 

Below is a simple template you can follow to help you write a response to a negative review. Remember, this is just a template and you can switch words out that fit your brand better. You can also add anything extra if you wanted. Some companies will offer a discount, free shipping or some other kind of incentive of some sort. Just remember that is optional and is not a requirement when responding to negative reviews. 

Example 1:

Hi ____, we would like to extend to you our most sincere apologies regarding the recent issues with your ______. We have a high standard of quality for our ____ and your purchase should never have been an exception. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you.

Another thing to remember when responding to reviews is that Amazon does not allow you to direct sellers off of their website. The only other way you can communicate is through Amazon Seller Central. So if you need to settle things outside of a review response, take it to Seller Central.

I hope you found these tips helpful, and you are able to use it when you come across a negative review. Good luck!

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