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Rebranding Your Business

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

rebranding your business

Now this may sound scary to get into, and it is something that takes a lot of time and effort but will help your brand succeed in the long run. If done right, all of the problems you had before with brand awareness will be fixed.

Before you start getting into rebranding your business, look at your business and figure out what aspects you want to change. Once you’ve figured that out, plan a budget for rebranding your business. How much are you willing to spend?

Think about all of the costs for rebranding your business:

  1. Hiring a new graphic designer for your logo and other creative assets

  2. Having suppliers change product inserts, instructions etc.

  3. Changing signs at your office(s) (if applicable)

  4. Getting new business cards printed

These are just some of the things to keep in mind that will help you determine if you need to do a full rebrand or certain parts of your business.

One of the first things you want to look at is your mission statement, vision and business values. You want to keep this information on hand because it will help you ensure that you’re rebranding your business in a way that is related to your company’s statements and values. If you end up changing other aspects of your company, remember to think about how this may affect your vision and values.

rebranding your business

Rebranding Your Business with New Logo(s)

If you are rebranding your business, you want to make sure you keep some of the same elements of your old logo. It could be the same colors, the same icon or symbol, font, wording. Below are a few examples from major brands. 

Each brand kept one of the things mentioned above. For example, Pizza Hut kept the color red and used the same font, McDonalds kept the classic M while using one of the original colors, Facebook kept the same words but included the color gradient to showcase both sides of their business, Instagram and Facebook.

rebranding your business

It’s easier for the customer to understand the change when you use old elements, but sometimes that’s not always an option. Sometimes you need to start fresh and re do the whole thing, and if that’s needed that’s perfectly okay. Below are some examples of brands who made major changes. 

rebranding your business

As you can see, even Amazon went through a drastic rebranding. When rebranding your business and logo, you want to think about how it displays across all mediums. Make sure your new logo can easily be put on your boxes (if applicable), product inserts, ads, flyers etc. What is the mood of your new logo? Does it fit the mood of your brand? For example, if your brand is pretty serious, you don’t want a new logo that uses bright colors and bubbly fonts. This will confuse customers.


When it comes to rebranding your business, you are looking for ways to enhance your business. One way to do this is to get an idea of what your competitors are doing. Look over their brand and figure out what is missing and what they can improve and find a way to incorporate this into your new brand. Find your true value by combining your new brand aspects, plus including things that your competitors are missing. Not only does this make your brand stand out from everyone else, it also puts you ahead of everyone in your category. Your brand/ product will have everything everyone else has, plus more.  

Spread The Word 

Now this may be a bit hard since Amazon doesn’t allow email access to any of your customers, but you can still get the word out. Think about the importance of your product photos. When people are searching for products on Amazon, one of the first things they look at is the product photos. If you can include your brand change in your product photos, it will be easy for the viewer to understand. Below are some examples of what you can include in your product photos. 

Click here to learn about websites that will make your product photos stand out. 

rebranding your business

Original photo from:

You also want to include your new brand name in your product title as well as the description box. By adding it in multiple places, you are ensuring that the customer will see it multiple times. The more they see it, the more familiar it becomes. You can even include why you rebranded, on your storefront or on the instructions that come with your product (if applicable). By discussing your changes with the customer, it helps strengthen brand loyalty between the customer and the brand.  

Brand Registry and Rebranding Your Business

Although it is unclear on what to do while trying to rebrand while you are apart of Amazon’s Brand Registry, we found a forum that may be helpful. To read the forum, click here. (You must be signed into Seller Central to read it). 

Rebranding on your product listing is easy, just switch out product photos, product title, descriptions and product info. If you have questions about rebranding your business while being part of Amazon’s Brand Registry, you can read our blog post on how to contact Amazon Seller Support to help clear up any questions you have.

Now that you know what steps to take on rebranding your business on Amazon, make sure to run Ads on Amazon as well to bring people to your ‘new’ products! Make sure your ads are straightforward and get to the point. You can do a bit of split testing by running ads on your newly rebranded products and review the  CTR vs ads that show a before and after like shown above, but also explain what your product is and determine which ads work best.

Advertising on Amazon can become confusing but we have laid everything out for you in our Advertising on Amazon post. If you want a little refresher on different aspects of Amazon after rebranding, we have a playlists on our YouTube channel that include Selling on Amazon, Keywords on Amazon, Amazon ACoS and Social Media for Amazon Sellers. Be sure to check it out to help you through the process of rebranding your business. Subscribe here to never miss a post! 

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