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Product Trends for 2019

Figuring out product trends for 2019 can be stressful because there are so many things you have to consider. Some things you should look for include:

How many people are already selling the product

  1. If there are lots of options for the product, then this isn’t something you really want to get into. For example: say you are thinking about selling coconut oil. On Amazon, there are at least 4+ pages of sellers selling the same coconut oil. No one is going to even make it past the first two pages if everyone is selling the same one. Also, the first product has over 2,000 reviews. This will be extremely hard to compete with and will be very hard for you to get reviews.

No one is selling the item

  1. Although this isn’t always a bad thing, it can be tricky. If you do enough research and the product you are looking for is on the rise for high demand and no one has gotten to it yet, then this is the perfect product! But, if the product is nowhere to be found on Amazon or Google Trends, then this might be a product you want to avoid. If there is no need for it and no traffic for the product, the product will likely not sell. People buy the things they want and need, and if there isn’t a want or need for it, you’ll end up letting it sit in the warehouse while paying extra storage fees.

How To Search For Popular Product Trends for 2019

Now taking these factors into consideration, let’s talk about how to search for product trends for 2019. Amazon has two important pages to pay attention to when searching for products: the Most Wished For & Best Sellers lists. These are important because they tell you what is currently trending and what most people are looking for. If you find a category with a decent amount of sellers with not so many reviews, you may want to consider products in this category.

Another way to search for product trends for 2019 is to check Google Trends.  Google Trends is extremely handy because all you do is type in a term and it pulls lots of information in for that one term. Here is an example on what it looks like when you search iPhone case:

product trends for 2019

Google Trends shows you the interest over time (numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. A score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term). It also shows you interest by subregion, related topics and related queries. These are all important factors in a search because it can link you to similar products that are on the rise or in the top for searches.

Below is a list of product trends for 2019:

product trends for 2019

Zip Sleeve Hoodie Jackets

  1. Since we are going into the new year, the new year comes with cold weather. Hoodies are always needed during this period but these hoodies are what’s trending at the moment and will continue into the upcoming cold months.

Air Fryers

  1. America is always infatuated with diets and healthy living. Air fryers are the new trend. It is a healthier alternative to deep frying. You can literally air fry everything and everyone wants to try it out at the moment.

Phone Accessories

  1. This category will always be popular especially with Apple. If you stay on top of their release dates (usually in September) then you will always be on top of the game being one of the first to release accessories for the new phone. Cases, screen protectors, pop sockets and so much more will be the first things customers will search for on and after the the phones are released.

2019 calendars & planners

  1. This one is pretty obvious. As the new year rolls in people will be looking for calendars and planners to keep them on track for the year. Business people, students, organizers and so much more. A tip for this category is private labeling your product & coming up with neat or catchy designs. You will definitely outshine your competitors.

Macbook accessories

  1. This goes along with phone accessories, macbooks are updated regularly as well, might as well hop on the train and offer products for macbooks as well.

Travel accessories

  1. Somewhere around the world someone is traveling right now. Travel accessories will always be needed and will definitely keep customers rolling in.

Indoraptor toy

  1. This toy in particular is pretty high on the Google Trends list. This is projected to be an extremely popular toy in 2019.

Holiday decorations

  1. My favorite time of the year, holidays!

product trends for 2019

This category will definitely keep you in business. There are over 20 holidays a year and offering products for each will make you the ultimate seller.

Gifts For Newborns

  1. Babies are bring born every day, so why not jump in this category and sell something that is extremely needed. There are babies born everyday and people are always looking for gifts to give to new parents. This category is huge too.

Batter dispenser

  1. A newer trend and one that is needed. The batter dispenser. This is the perfect category for cooks or people who simply love to bake in their free time. This trend has been pretty popular but is expected to pop off in the new year. This device helps dispense batter in an easier, cleaner way.

Now that you know some of the product trends for 2019 and how to find more product trends, I wish you luck and hope to see your listing soon!

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