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Product Photography for Amazon

Product photography for Amazon can seem daunting, especially for sellers who are new to selling or aren’t technologically-savvy. But the great news is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer or really have any photo editing experience to get great product photos. If you have a smartphone, you can do high quality product photography for Amazon right on your phone! You don’t even need fancy lighting or studio equipment, and it only takes a couple minutes to shoot and edit photos.

Easy Amazon Photograph that Doesn’t Break the Bank

You can get started doing your own product photography on Amazon for as little as $2 for supplies. In this post, I used two pieces of white foam board I purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1 each. I used this foam board for the base and background for my photo. This makes it much easier to isolate the product in the photo and makes editing a breeze. You don’t have to use foam board, but it is sturdier than poster board or printer paper. You can use any white background, like a white sheet, white t-shirt, white paper, etc. For $2, foam board is a worthwhile investment since it is easy to store and is likely to hold up well for multiple uses.

Amazon Photography Help 1

Good Photos Start with Good Lighting

For lighting, using good natural lighting is your best bet. Find a well-lit room where you can set up near a window. You want to take note of shadows and reflections on your product. Minimize any reflections if you can. You can use extra poster/foam board to eliminate reflections if they are showing up. Just place the board between the object making the reflection and the area you are shooting photos in. You shouldn’t need to use your phone’s flash as natural light is usually best. Shooting inside is usually going to be preferable to shooting outside in the direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can be too harsh, especially on a white background. Shooting your photos inside gives a more diffused light that is softer and more flattering.

Simple Setup

Here is how I set up my space with the foam board and product (sunglasses) in a well-lit room. Note that I don’t have any special lighting or equipment, just two pieces of foam board on the floor, the sunglasses and my phone.

Once you’re all set up and ready to go, you can do all of your product photography for Amazon directly through the Seller Central app on your phone.

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Through the Seller Central app on your phone, you can use the Product Photo Studio to do all of your product photography for Amazon.

The Product Photo Studio automatically takes your photos and isolates your product on a white background and also offers other basic editing capabilities. In the Seller Central app, click the hamburger button in the upper left-hand corner to open the menu. Select ‘Product Photo Studio.’

Getting Good Photos for your Amazon Product Listings

Line up your shot and snap the photo.

Amazon Photography Help 3

Once you’re happy with your original photo, you can start editing in the Product Photo Studio. You can adjust the exposure to make it lighter or darker, crop the photo and edit the background. After you’ve edited the photo to your liking hit ‘Done’ in the upper right-hand corner.

Amazon Photography Help 4

You can review that your photo meets all the requirements set forth by Amazon. If your photo is good to go and all the listed requirements are green, you can hit ‘Done’ to save the photo to your account.

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And that’s it! You’re all finished! It’s that simple to do all your product photography for Amazon in a matter of minutes with no special equipment or spending a bunch of money.

The End Result

If you have products that are white or silver, it can be more difficult for the Product Photo Studio to isolate your product. You’ll want to play with angles and lighting to make sure your products are photographed as well as possible.

Amazon Photography Help 6

Professional Photography for Amazon Sellers

If you’d rather have a professional handle your product photography for Amazon, Products on White (POW) Photography usually offers your first photo for free and then each photo is $40. Remember, better photos can help increase your sales so there is something to be said for using professional photographers if you can afford it. The main image on your listing should be your first priority if you can only afford to get one professional photo to start with. This image gives you the best bang for your buck since it is the first impression customers get when seeing your listing in search results. POW Photography has worked with thousands of sellers from all around the world and feel they have product photography for Amazon down to a science.

Sellozo’s Product Specialists have years of experience selling on Amazon. They would be happy to do a quick audit of your product listing photos and make recommendations. You can schedule an appointment to speak with one of them by clicking here.

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