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Prime Day Launches

As we are in the midst of Prime Day 2019, which spans 48 hours this year, there are a lot of exciting things happening. No, I’m not talking about the Taylor Swift concert, though that’s pretty cool and worth checking out.

This year, along with the concert, Amazon has added some new exciting features to the two-day event like live streaming games and contests on Twitch and Prime Day Launches. Prime Day Launches include products that are brand new to Amazon that are launching on Prime Day. Plus, these poducts are available exclusively to Prime members and only for a limited amount of time. Also, these products are being launched only on Amazon so they won’t be available anywhere else initially.

Some of the categories that are featured in Prime Day Launches are:

  1. Home

  2. Kitchen

  3. Electronics

  4. Fashion

  5. Toys

  6. Baby

  7. Beauty

Among the noteable launches are Lady Gaga’s new makeup line called ‘Haus’ along with clothing, accessories, and other items by Jojo Siwa.

prime day launches

prime day launches

But these ladies aren’t the only celebrities launching products on Prime Day this year. Hilary Duff, Kristen Bell, and Jayden Smith are all launching products that they’ve created. Even EDM (electronic dance music) artst Marshmello is launching a product! From baby clothes, to “responsibly-sourced” water, to chocolate-stuffed marshmallows, there are a lot of neat and inventive products to check out!

Here is a list of ’30 cool products that just launched on Amazon exclusively for Prime members’ you should definitely check out!

Prime Day Launches is an exciting new addition to Amazon’s wildly successful annual ‘Christmas in July’ style shopping event. This is great news for those Amazon Sellers looking to possibly launch new products in the future. It could potentially provide an extra boost of brand awareness that will help get new products started off with a bang!

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